21 09, 2015

Do you suffer from PMS or PMDD?


Do you suffer from PMS or PMDD?

The American Medical Association knows you suffer.
It wants to help you is by:
– Making your menstruation a medical issue
– Providing you with a catchy acronym
– And handing you a drug prescription (for which you will need to pay monthly for years)

PMS has been labeled, medicated, and joked about […]

11 09, 2015

Men Explain Periods

Men explain periods?
Or is there a hidden agenda there???

Yes, it’s indeed funny to see men stumbling on their explanations, being uninformed and uneducated.

It’s a wonder what would women say when faced with these same images of our reproductive system: how many would accurately know what indeed happens inside us during menstruation?

We live in societies that […]

10 09, 2015

How much do men know about periods

How much do men know about periods?
Not much, really…

It is not surprising, actually
What IS surprising, though, is that some of them are quite open to learning, and that their appreciation grows as they learn about women’s routine monthly practices.

The most pleasant surprise of all is that they are presented with a Menstrual Cup, […]

9 09, 2015

Women don’t need to have periods

Women don’t NEED to have periods?

That’s what a recent article in ‘The Atlantic’ claims. It also makes statements such as:

“Many women don’t want a period every month and take the pill continuously. This carries no harm, either short- or long-term.”

And – “Getting rid of periods saves time, money, pain & stress, with no […]

7 09, 2015

Boy supports menstruating girls

Boy supports menstruating girls? Yes!
Seeing Jose Angelg’s call for boys to support girls – I wish I was a teen girl again…

It seems that a new generation of boys is growing up
catching on to the new #PeriodPositive wave
by supporting girls in REAL areas in their lives,
such as being caught unprepared at the start […]

7 09, 2015

Men & Menstruation – Are They Ready?

Can you picture President Trump at a “Menstrual Revival”? Probably not! What the famous Megyn Kelley incident showed is that men are “Trumped” by menstruation.
Surprisingly, not all men are made like Donald. Some, who own less than a fraction of what he does – have proven to posses the few assets he seems to lack: sensitivity, an […]

5 09, 2015

Why is Menstruation Embarrassing?

Why IS menstruation embarrassing?
Why is holding a pad something to hide?
What are we ashamed of?
Is it the pad, or ourselves?

What is shameful here?
Our body cycling every month?
Our ability to renew the inner lining of our womb monthly?
Our body preparing for new life every month?
Our womb Renewing itself monthly?
Our […]

2 09, 2015

Like A Girl

Like A Girl?
What does it mean to do something #Like A Girl?

In most cultures it’s an insult to say you do anything #LikeAGirl. This fascinating commercial is indeed shedding light on the topic, inspires self esteem and confidence, yet… it is a commercial.

It’s interesting to note that despite this fact, ‘Always’ is not trying to sell anything […]

31 08, 2015

Menstrual Wisdom from India

Menstrual Wisdom from India:
“Why we don’t go to the temple, and other practices”
“What is pure, we don’t touch. And what we don’t touch, we call it a Taboo. She (a menstruating woman) was so pure, that she was worshipped as a Goddess. The reason for not having a woman go into a temple is […]

30 08, 2015

Red Tents of the future

Will Red Tents of the future be sustainable? Absolutely!
Red Tents can take a whole new meaning in near future:
Sustainable structures collecting rain water and storing solar energy!
This visionary invention of Jordanian-Canadian architect, designer & artist Abeer Seikaly only lacks one thing: the color RED… Designed with refugees in mind, this can become the Red Tent […]

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