Womb of felt by Wendy Ceaser, photo by Vaughan Wallace, Al Jazeera America

“When I was 14, periods were a secret. I haven’t learned anything new about this Secret in my Adult Life. I stayed 14 in everything that has to do with my period.” ~ G. H.

What did you learn about your period at 14? How TRULY different is it from what you know NOW? Like G.H., many of us stayed 14 in regards to our monthly flow, while maturing in every other aspect of life.

The ‘Yuk’ and ‘Ewyuuu’ factors are still prevalent for many women when it comes to their menstrual blood. Beyond that, many know that without a period you can’t get pregnant. What else do you know?

Take a quick Menstruation Quiz:

– Why do women bleed monthly?
– What triggers menstrual blood to form in our womb?
– What is the actual substance of our menstrual blood?
– What is the connection between women’s cycles and moon cycles?

I invite you to answer any (or all) of these questions to determine How Womb-Literate Are You?!

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I was in my early 30’s when I honestly started educating myself about my period. By then I have trained in Relationship Skills and practiced Compassionate Communication. I studied Social Psychology & Humanistic Psychology, and was applying the understanding & insights I gained to a multitude of relationships in my life, both personally and professionally. I educated myself about my sexuality, about contraception, about career paths, but not once did I take the initiative to educate myself about my menstruation. When I finally did – it changed my life! (but that’s another story…)

We often treat our menstruation like the weather!

We begrudgingly accept it, as we would the weather, but one thing is different:
we have endless Weather Channels, reports, forecasts, and analysis about something we can’t control, and only semi-accurately predict!

We keep educating ourselves about the weather…
What about our own Inner Climate???

What about our cyclicity, which is far more predictable than the weather?
And it determines far more than the weather does:
It influences your moods, your inward-bound or outward-bound feelings, your level of creativity, your productivity, and many of your emotional needs…

Educating yourself about menstruation is not limited to the substance of your menstrual blood, or the physiological process taking place in your body (though these are essential to your self knowledge!) Educating yourself about menstruation is a keen study of your inner emotional landscape during your period (and during all other phases of your cycle!)

Educate yourself about menstruation

Together – we are changing the world!