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DeAnna travels worldwide to bring Red Tent Activations
and PURPLE MOON Workshops
to as many women as possible!

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 Red Tent Activation 

Workshops with DeAnna L’am –

A Female Initiation experience that will transform and elevate you to the next level of your womanhood.

Under the silence of your first MoonTime, under cultural taboos, under the lack of welcoming into womanhood – lies your Coming Of Age treasure: your spontaneity, fearlessness, daring, creativity, courage… It’s never too late to reclaim them!

Receiving the Ceremony you never had as a girl — will help you retrieve the treasures buried inside you for years, will release the flowering forces that were interrupted when you came of age, and will allow them to finally blossom and shine!

Become A Red Tent Activator

with DeAnna L’am –

The Dalai Lama said: “The World Will Be Saved By Western Women”
this is your opportunity to be part of the change!

Please don’t stop after receiving your Red Tent Initiation Ceremony, but take the next step: become an Activator!

Get certified to offer the Red Tent Activation to women in your community, and support yourself financially with this meaningful work, while becoming part of a Global Movement dedicated to having Red Tents In Every Neighborhood!
Together we are changing the world!

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Workshops with DeAnna L’am

Our culture tells us we are lunatic when we menstruate, and turn crazy at menopause.
Women are stigmatized when we bleed, and when we stop bleeding.
If you knew that your Cycle is the Source of Inner Guidance,
and your Menopause — potent Spiritual Medicine…
How would this change your life?

Reclaim your First Period to Last –
as the Backbone of your Woman Wisdom

Sit under the Purple Moon
to become the Queen of Your Life!

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If you don’t see a workshop in your area –

contact us to organize one!

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All workshops are led by DeAnna L’am

For Details and Registration – please Contact Local Organizers below

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 Red Tent Activation & Certification workshop 

July 8-10

Contact local organizer: 

Jacqueline Riquez – Entente Féminine


PURPLE MOON – 2 workshops:

* July 4: Workshop for Peri-Menopause women

* July 5-6: Workshop for women in Menopause & Beyond

Contact local organizer:

Jacqueline Riquez – Entente Féminine


Flag - U.K.


* July 14: Workshop for Peri-Menopause women

* July 15-16: Workshop for women in Menopause & Beyond

Contact local organizers:


Click HERE for Peri-Menopause workshop

Click HERE for Menopause & Beyond


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New York, U.S.A.

Red Tent Activation & Certification workshop 

September 22-24

Contact local organizer: 

 Diana Herrera – energiayangeles@gmail.com

Join us to Change Your World!

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Celebrate International RED TENT Day:

November 8

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