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For any woman who was once a girl,
and any woman with a girl in her life!

DeAnna L’am, a pioneer in Menstrual Empowerment, has been developing and creating inspirational products based on over 20 years of working with women and girls around the world.

Thousands of women like you have been using DeAnna’s tools to move through blockages in their relationship with their cycle, to dissolve PMS symptoms, to make peace with their cycle, and to become comfortable welcoming their daughters into womanhood.

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- Love Your Body Home Study
- A Diva’s Guide To Getting Your Period
- Coming Of Age: How To Stop Worrying About ‘The Talk’ and Start Talking with Your daughter!
- Renewal Initiation Home Study

- Rites of Passage: Skillfully Guiding Girls to Womanhood & Boys to Manhood

- Reverse ‘The Curse”! Home Study


- Becoming Peers – Mentoring Girls Into Womanhood
- A Diva’s Guide To Getting Your Period


BECOME A CERTIFIED Red Moon facilitator



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Home Study

5 steps to loving your body unconditionally!

Would you Like to fall in Love with your body,

and feel comfortable in your skin any time, anywhere?

You may have been raised to think you’re supposed to be thinner/taller/blonder than you are…

You may have been struggling to love your body since adolescence…

You may have made strides and came a long way in accepting your body…

But sometimes… looking in the mirror still brings up judgments, negativity,

and some wishful thinking that you’d look like somebody else, a top model perhaps?

“LOVE YOUR BODY Home Study” is a unique, downloadable,

5-step blueprint to loving yourself unconditionally!

It’s new, cutting edge, and still discounted (not for long, though!)

Initiation Home Study

This journey is an invitation
to see any Block as a PORTAL -

Give Birth to Light

Usher your true, Juicy, Wild Calling

Tap into a Global Web of Women Weaving A New Paradigm!

Renewal Initiation Home Study:

The Spring Within Your Soul


This journey is an invitation
To release stale energy
from your Being,
Rekindle your Fire,
and Launch your Dreams -
Guided by Shamanic Journeys and Ceremonies

It’s Time to Become Pregnant with Possibilities!

Rites of Passage:

Skillfully Guiding Girls to Womanhood &
Boys to Manhood

World renowned experts shared deep wisdom, insights, and guidance for parenting adolescents

Receive the entire 2nd Annual Rites of Passage Event Recordings Plus Bonus interviews with Marianne Williamson, Michael Gurian
and Panels of Teen Girls & Teen Boys

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Becoming Peers –
Mentoring Girls Into Womanhood

By DeAnna L’am
Providing a treasure box of tools
for mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers,
aunts, or any woman wishing to
nurture a girl through her coming of age
(while empowering herself!)
”Loaded with inspirational and eminently practical ways to strengthen and heal mothers, daughters, and any woman with a special girl in her life.”
~ Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom; Mother-Daughter Wisdom; and The Wisdom of Menopause

How to Stop Worrying
About “The Talk” -
And Start Talking With Your Girl!

A down-loadable recording that will deepen trust between you and your girl, and lay a foundation for lifelong openness between you!

One Mom called it “A Mini Vacation…”

Click below to take one yourself!

Reverse “The Curse”!

(AKA: “Heal Your Inner Maiden” Home Study)

This Home-Study is like a youth-elixir in a bottle:

drinking from it will help you dissolve PMS symptoms, prevent an array of reproductive-system diseases by honoring your cyclical nature, draw strength from your cycle rather than be at its mercy, and integrate forgotten parts of yourself into a radiant, whole womanhood! This will pave the way to you becoming an empowering role model for your daughter, or the girl in your life!

A Diva’s Guide to Getting Your Period

A hip, artsy, full-color, empowering booklet for Tween & Teen girls

You’d wish you had this available to you when you came of age, but giving it to your daughter is the next best thing!

A delightful gift for any girl approaching puberty or already there, to prepare, inform, and empower her on her journey to womanhood.

Can be purchased as:

- Download

- Hard copy

- As part of A Diva’s 1st Period Kit

Mother-Daughter Care Package:

A Treasure Box for You and Your Daughter

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Have it all:

Personal coaching with DeAnna, tailored to meet your needs as a Woman or a Mother!

You will receive:

One-on-one master coaching that will dissolve all menstruation-related challenges and exhilarate your growth beyond what you can now perceive.

Sessions offered in-person or over the phone, from anywhere you are in the world.

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Have DeAnna present at your conference, seminar, or event

Organize a Workshop/ Retreat/ Training in your community, and have DeAnna travel to teach it.

Topics include:

~ Reverse “The Curse”! ~ Our daughters, Ourselves ~ Red Tent retreats & trainings

DeAnna would also be delighted to create a custom presentation for your organization or your special event, upon request!

To make it easy to promote DeAnna L’am as your event presenter, we have provided the information you would need for your advertisements, flyers, and handouts.

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The Red Moon Training

*** Red Moon School of Empowerment ***

For Women and Girls


- September 2013

- Long Distance

(over phone, skype, internet)

- Personal tuition available

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Inspiring and transformative Tele-Classes offered periodically.

Check regularly for updates!

“I had never felt good about being female and for the past 10 years have experienced extreme, debilitating menstrual pain. I had tried dietary changes, orthodox medicine and natural therapies with little improvement. I started searching for those who celebrated womanhood and our cycles – this led me to DeAnna L’am. We have now been working together for three months and during my last two moon times I have taken only five anti-inflammatory tablets, when I used to take up to 20 – a significant decrease. DeAnna’s work resonated with me at a core level and I have totally turned around my perception of my body, my flow and my spirituality. I now feel myself to be a blessed and beautiful woman. I am grateful.”

~ S.M., Australia

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