Living PMS-Free, navigating your life with guidance from within...

Being spiritually nourished and renewed by your cycle - every single month...


If this is Not how you experience your cycles -
You are in the Right place!

DeAnna L'amHi! My name is DeAnna L’am, and I'm author of Becoming peers - Mentoring Girls Into Womanhood and A Diva's Guide To Getting Your Period

I help women & girls love themselves unconditionally, deepen self acceptance, self love, and self esteem - at any age, draw spiritual strength from their cycle (rather than be at its mercy) and find the last missing pieces of their womanhood's jigsaw puzzle.

If you have ever been a girl - This journey is for You!


Mexico, movement with Monica P Home T- CROPPED, 400x550I have been on the cutting edge of Menstrual Empowerment for over 20 years, teaching, speaking and publishing nationally & internationally, and I continue to be deeply passionate about my work. In Israel/ Palestine, my country of origin, I helped Jewish and Palestinian women surpass political, religious, and cultural differences by deeply bonding as cycling women.

All of us have been girls once, and we have mostly been fed a diet of negativity about menstruation, from a very young age (regardless of our culture).

As a result most adult women loath their period, referring to it as “bother,” “nuisance,” or “the curse.”

Additionally, the girl coming-of-age inside each woman, who may have never been welcomed into womanhood, is still left hanging, often embarrassed or ashamed, unable to blossom and add her unique qualities to the woman you became. In recognition of her plight, I coined the term ‘Inner Maiden’ in 1995, to describe the last unseen part within every woman, who holds the key to her wholeness.

Gild - Cropped

Over the years I have honed tools and jewels

to reverse “the curse”, and heal our Inner Maiden,

picking up where Psychology, Feminism

and Women's Spirituality - all Stop!

Whether you experience agonizingly painful PMS symptoms or none at all,

whether you are mildly irritable, or angry and depressed monthly,

whether you have a daughter or not - you will discover practical tools to:

  • Discard any cultural negativity about menstruation still wedged in your body
  • Reclaim your ‘Inner Maiden’ as the last missing piece of your womanhood’s jigsaw puzzle
  • Dissolve PMS symptoms
  • Welcome your daughter into womanhood with comfort and ease
  • Become empowering role model for today’s girls!


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