Peace with my Past

I spent my childhood in Israel embarrassed by my Romanian roots. Recently, my book for girls 'A Diva's Guide To Getting Your Period'  was translated into Romanian. I have come a full circle, and it's time to make peace with my past. I was born in Bucharest and immigrated with my family to Israel when I was [...]

A Diva Outside the Box

“You can't do that!” said Samantha. We sat in her kitchen in São Paulo, Brazil, drinking tea and talking about my booklet for girls 'A Diva's Guide To Getting Your Period'. Originally written in English, the book has been translated into 8 languages. It has a different Title in each country (chosen according to each [...]

My First Period – Danielle’s Story

Danielle Felippe, from Brazil, shares her story with courage and heart: Me at 11 years old! The age when I received my 1st cycle and became a woman. Before this day arrived, I was a free girl, always happy, creative and full of dreams, who loved to paint, write stories, swim, ride horses, climb trees, [...]

The Gift of Menopause

When you get your first period - you know about it! Menopause, on the other hand, you learn about only by looking back... A woman is 'officially' in menopause after not bleeding for one full year. It took me six years to get there... The journey meandered from skipped periods to having one 2 weeks [...]

A Menopause Ceremony

For a girl, Menarche is her entrance to the world of Womanhood. For a woman, Menopause is her stepping into her Wisdom Years. None of these monumental Gateways are typically celebrated in current cultures. While most of us have not been celebrated, nor been given a choice, when we came of age, many of us [...]

How Many Periods Did You Have?

  How many times you have cycled with the moon? Here is some quick math: I started bleeding when I was 12, and stopped at 55. This is 43 years of cycling every month! Multiply 43 years by 13 cycles per year (there are 13 lunar cycles every 365 days. Women cycle with the moon!) The answer [...]

Red Tent or Purple Moon Tent?

  Which shall I go to, the Red Tent or the Purple Moon Tent?  In one word: Both! If you are seeing Menopause on the horizon, if you are in the midst of it, or beyond it – you can find community in both. If you still cycle regularly – the Red Tent will continue [...]

Have periods gone mainstream?

“2015 Was The Year We Started Talking About Periods In Public” claims the Huffington Post of India, where Piyasree Dasgupta writes: “As curious pre-pubescent children, then anxious menstruating teenagers and finally women adept at dealing with their uteruses, we have been directed to relentlessly guard the fact that women possess menstruating bodies. Over the years, we [...]

Period Jewelry

  Menstruation brooches, rings, cuffs, and other sparkly trinkets are being created by London designer Lili Murphy-Johnson. The sparkle-lover in me is enchanted by the idea, the Menstrual Advocate wants to ponder this and go a little deeper... “The idea came from me dealing with my own PMS,” Murphy-Johnson, 22, told Mashable. “The irritability and anxiety [...]

Menstrual texts from inside your body?

The buzz is growing about a new ‘smart’ Menstrual Cup, and leaves me wondering about it all... You probably have heard why tampons and disposable pads are really not a viable choice - neither for your body, nor for the environment. Alternatives, such as whimsically printed reusable Cloth Pads, and various Menstrual Cups, have been the Smart Woman’s choice in the New Millennia. But [...]