What if…

What if…

you could say goodbye to the emotional roller coaster
and hello to a safe space

when you most need support, rest, and renewal

Our great-great-great grandmothers...

shared a wise woman community who welcomed them into womanhood. They:

  • taught them the ways of women…
  • set up a safe place to rest, to reflect, to renew–monthly–

when they needed support most.

Today it seems like all a woman does is some sort of mix-and-match:

  • go to work
  • make the kids’ lunches
  • hit the gym
  • pick up kids from school
  • tie the toddler’s shoelaces
  • make dinner (gotta stay healthy, ya know!)
  • drop the teenager at soccer practice
  • pick up the dry cleaning…

only to realize that not only you’ll never ever make it through the to-do list, you aren’t even on the list.

Women are raised to “not make waves”

and to avoid conflict–especially when it comes to the men in our lives.

And it eats us up inside!

We end up dumping our frustrations on other women and that conflict we’ve avoided so long bursts up in unpleasant–and unhealthy–ways.

We hold grudges, we keep score, we feel bitter...

And you know how your emotions are all over the place:

  • the last doctor you saw just wanted to put you on birth control and send you on your way
  • you feel tired and weak every monthsometimes even wanting to rip out your uterus just to make it stop

only to realize…

most of the “medical” advice out there was written for a man’s body that doesn’t cycle hormones regularly!

It’s the last taboo out therewomen bleed. Regularly! And when PMS has you tied up in knots, or you drown in waves of heat… it feels like this “taboo” controls your very life.

It doesn’t have to be this way

there is a much, much better path that not only calms your endless “girl” symptoms but actually leads to thriving in today’s world!

red tent community

This is the best part of life our ancestral mothers experienced:

a true women’s community.

A circle of women who not only welcome you to womanhood but guide you through your ever-changing needs and cycles. A place where you are fully accepted as a woman, in all your aspects.

When women celebrate and honor their bodies with regular, cyclical rest and reflection, we’ll finally live out the Dalai Lama’s famous prophecy:

Western women will change the world.

We can transform society by taking the best of the ancients and incorporating it into our modern woman’s world.

western women will change the world

If you can learn to master just three steps

not only will you find your own relief–you will be able to guide other women to the same win-win-win culture of peace even if you haven’t experienced a red tent or a women’s circle yourself (yet!)

red tent activation in chile
“I am much more able to feel, and respect, my own needs around being a woman, and how to respond to them in different situations. I feel prepared, in a very professional way, to create, hold, and sustain a sacred space for women.

I feel encouraged and able to walk my talk, communicate in a warm respectful way, and be a model for women, by practicing my own personal Red Tent.”
Mariama Hense
Trauma Therapist, Germany

There was a time I, too, was controlled by my hormones and symptoms. I struggled monthly with high emotions and PMS explosions. My period was an annoyance at best, and a suffocating cage at worst.

Then my healing began...

30 years ago I began a healing journey that led me to “reverse the curse” in my life. Since then I’ve helped women from the US to Israel, from Europe to Latin America reach the same soothing and healing. I founded the Red Moon School of Empowerment for Women & Girls in 1993 to help women all over the world to 

  • Accept themselves unconditionally
  • Welcome each other into womanhood
  • Fully thrive

I developed both practical and spiritual methods to empower women. And I’ve been teaching women all over the world to reclaim their cycle as a source of inner guidance and renewal. The next step was to teach women how to empower others.

I’ve been on the leading edge of the global Red Tent movement since its birth, teaching women to hold Red Tents, empower others, spread the vision, and change the world!

DeAnna in her Red Tent

It's your time!

Don’t keep your life on the waitlist any longer

If you want to succeed as a woman in today’s modern world, you need to master a few steps that draw from ancient wisdom and marry them with today’s busyness so you can finally revel in your womanly power and thrive in the world around you.

It’s time to grow inner acceptance and outer peace with:

Red Tent Academy

Red Tent Academy

The signature online training that teaches you how to create a space for not only yourself, but women around you, and helps you finally feel at ease and welcome in your own life, so you can overcome the natural stumbling blocks as you facilitate women moving from hurt to growth, from feeling lost to empowered.

Perfect for women so caught up in taking care of others, they’ve forgotten how to even get themselves on the to-do list.

red tent academy

Red Tent Academy
Advanced Red Tent Keeper Certification
Valued at $5000

Regular Price: $1497
Special Price: $697

Doors open for a limited time!

Next Academy dates to be announced 

Red Tent Academy is the premier online course that unlocks the secrets to becoming an Agent of Change in your own life and community.
  • Navigate your own renewal time with the world around you–perfect practices to integrate with your spouse, friends, workplace
  • Cultivate a self-care practice (so you can get yourself on your own list)
  • Create a holistic community of women without the cattiness, competition, or conflict many women’s groups endure
  • Become the leader you wished you had in your life
  • Grow a circle of women who come back again and again so you build supportive and collaborative spaces of renewal
  • Turn your vision into a sustainable business (yes–honoring your cycle can become a thriving income!)
  • Translate the wisdom of your ancient mothers into a real-world practice–even if you think your loved ones won’t understand (at first!)
  • Break cultural taboos around menstruation and welcome more girls into womanhood without shame
  • Learn how to use your natural Peacemaker capacity so you can guide women through conflicts that arise in our busy, stressful world

Simplify the steps to launch, grow, and sustain Red Tents in your neighborhood
(even if you’ve never run a women’s circle before!)

“I am Happy to be part of this circle where I know I can find support, inspiration, creative solutions, and new perspectives, and to contribute to the vision of A Red Tent in every Neighborhood! Let's do it!"
Sara Spiazzi

How it works

12 weeks in total 
Each week includes:
A half-hour of training video Module 
An hour of Live, recorded group call

Step 1: It Starts With Me

2 weeks | Anchoring a Red Tent in your life so you can meet your own needs

Many women have an internal to-do list, only to realize they’re not even on it. The same is true for Red Tent Leaders–until they learn how to honor their cycles and create space for themselves. This is your oxygen mask!

  • Learn to give yourself permission to honor yourself as a cyclical being
  • Discover how to speak to the world around you about the support you need

Step 2: How to Run a Red Tent

4 weeks | Creating space and growing a Red Tent in your community

Offering a Red Tent in your neighborhood creates instant community if you know how to create space, hold energy, and avoid leadership burnout. Your mindset around marketing, charging, and encouraging commitment from your members is essential.

  • Learn the systems you need in place to grow your Red Tent as a business
  • Master meeting the needs of women and girls
  • I’ll even provide lists of proven Red Tent activities
  • And of course both my proprietary Red Tent Manuals for all the nitty-gritty how-to answers on leading a Red Tent for all ages

Step 3: Red Tent Leadership

6 weeks | Advanced Red Tent Keepers must navigate conflict as skilled Peacemakers

Let your Red Tent become a Model of Peace in your community. Leave behind the cliques and cattiness in other women’s groups by embracing skills for creating Win-Win solutions. From our own body cues to reading the energy of a room, lead with womb-forward methods.

  • Learn from a trained mediator how to facilitate and resolve conflicts the womb-way 
  • Walk away with the tools for making conflict a foundation for Peace–in your Tent and in your own life’s relationships

Also Included!

my two host manuals

“The Red Tent Academy was a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow with like-minded and supportive women. I would recommend this course to women interested in working with other women–in any capacity. I feel genuinely enriched by my time at the Red Tent Academy.”
Jen Ingrid Engen

VIP Tract: Only 5 Spots Available

For those ready to fly (with personal guidance)

Your mindset matters when it comes to both the womb and heart as you experience challenges in your life or from the people around you. Your life issues often block your ability to realize your worth, to move forward, and to guide others.

  • Receive two personal sessions with DeAnna as you move through the Red Tent steps
  • Resolve past issues that prevent you from succeed
  • Start  your own Red Tent–or grow your existing one–with 1:1 personal support
“I was deeply touched being a VIP Member of the Red Tent Academy. Working personally with DeAnna I clearly feel and see a new level of Self Love that came into my life, enriching every part of me.

The Red Tent Academy is the most fundamental course I've ever been a part of.”
Mariama Hense
Trauma Counselor

Bonus 1

Red Tent Momentum: Private Access to Summit Recordings

Learn from the womb-wise women who spoke at the Red Tent Momentum Summit. These wisdom-filled recordings are not publicly available anywhere else!

$127 Value

Bonus 2

Digital Store Discount

Receive 25%-30% off of DeAnna’s most popular e-Books & e-Courses that will Best Support your Red Tent Experience, personally and professionally.

25%-30% off

Every session is so deep and beautiful! I feel blessed and honored to be your student, and to spread this legacy you are teaching us! Infinite gratitude for all that you do for humanity!”
A. Stringhini (Vita Shakti)
Mother, Red Tent keeper, Naturopathic physician, Yoga Teacher

ready to join

Red Tent Academy

Red Tent Academy (valued at $5000)

Advanced Red Tent Keeper Certification

Creating Red Tent Momentum (valued at $127)

Digital Store Discount (valued at $35)

red tent academy

Total Value: $5162

Regular Price: $1497

Special Price: $697

CLICK HERE for payment plan (4 payments of $177)
doors open for a limited time!

Next Academy dates to be announced 

the next level

Red Tent Academy VIP Tract

Red Tent Academy (valued at $5000)

Advanced Red Tent Keeper Certification

Creating Red Tent Momentum (valued at $127)

Digital Store Discount (valued at $35)

2 VIP Sessions with DeAnna (valued at $394)

Total Value: $5556

Regular Price: $1997

Special Price: $997

payment plan available

CLICK HERE for payment plan (6 payments of $177)
only 5 spaces available!

Next Academy dates to be announced 

The Red Tent Guarantee


Enrolling in the Red Tent Academy is about learning the skills you need to feel welcome in your own life, grow your leadership skills, and lay the foundations for a thriving  Red Tent community. The first two of our twelve modules together focus exclusively on starting with you! I stand behind my work 100%, so if you don’t find value in the first two modules, simply send an email to  welcome@deannalam.com and I’ll happily refund your investment within the first 10 days of the course.

It’s no secret that women typically spend almost twice as much as men on healthcare in any given year–and that we’re regularly dissatisfied with our OBGYN’s dismissive attitude and answer to everything with a birth control prescription.

  • According to the Huffington Post, women in the US can expect to spend over $18,000 on medical care just for being a female
  • Listen Money Matters reports the average woman spends $1300 more than men each year on expendables like razors or clothing
  • There are five times more studies on male issues than women’s (The Guardian on the gender health gap)–so we have to come together as women to find solutions for ourselves.

Many women can’t afford not to take back control of their cycles.

From days of missed work, to PMS medications, to having to hire additional household help, you have all the reasons in the world to create your women’s community today.

The Red Tent Academy’s doors are only open for 21 days: Next Academy Dates to be announced

The small investment in Red Tent Academy will not only ensure you know how to create renewal space for yourself, but it will also teach you how to create a thriving business helping other women do the same (and financially support yourself doing what you love)!

The Red Tent Academy gave me more trust in myself. Being connected with a wonderful community of women from all over the world brings me a lot of joy: I learned from them and with them.”
Sylvana Mele
“I found trust in myself, in my position as a facilitator, and in how to communicate with others, by the tools DeAnna gave us. Thank you!”
Red Tent Graduate
“The Red Tent Academy taught me how to sync my rhythm with the rhythm of the universe. I am now able to chalk out my plan of action, and better concentrate on what I need, as well as recognize when I need to just BE, without feeling guilty.
Juthika Dcruz

Q: What exactly is a Red Tent?

The Red Tent is a place where you can finally shed the “Do, Do, Do” mentality of today’s stressful world and simply BE. Here you can recharge, refresh, and renew monthly, joining  other women to receive and give support. In short, it’s a community of heart and womb.

Q: How much time per week should I plan for this academy?

Each of the twelve weeks includes about a half-hour of training videos and an hour-long group Zoom call. Beyond that, you can devote as much or as little time as you desire. As with most things of value in life, you’ll get out what you put in.

Q: Can I work at my own pace?

Of course! As my goal is to give you all the support you need to grow and sustain your own Red Tent, you can work at your own pace! You’ll receive access to the week’s video modules each Monday and we’ll meet for the live Zoom session on Thursdays. You can attend live or watch the recording (if your schedule doesn’t jive with the live sessions).

Q: How long do I have access to the Red Tent Academy?

The training modules are available for a year. The live session recordings are yours to keep after you download them weekly.

Q: I already hold Red Tents–what will I learn here?

I see many women begin their Red Tent with a bang, only to meet with attrition settling in, participation dwindling, and motivation running out. Or, participants begin to have conflicts in the Red Tent, and you don’t know how to deal with it.

The Red Tent Academy offers you a strategic approach to launching, growing, and sustaining Red Tents. It will take you to the Next Level from wherever you are: beginner or seasoned leader.

As a recent graduate said, “I gained insights and ideas for what to do in the Red Tent. I feel more encouraged and inspired. I feel I am part of a movement. I have someone I can ask for help, I’m not alone!

Q: What if I’ve never attended a women’s circle before?

Even if you’ve never attended a women’s circle in the past, Red Tent Academy will guide you through the steps for anchoring yourself so you can effectively hold space for others: building, growing, and sustaining a Red Tent, and walking you through the mindset challenges around marketing and charging for your time.

Q: What’s the difference between Red Tent Academy and Womb Academy?

Womb Academy is a healing journey of empowerment and Red Tent Academy is a professional training journey for holding Red Tents. Both are recommended for optimal personal and professional development and you may begin with either first. They are wonderfully complimentary!

It’s time to join a global group of thriving women who have chosen to say,

"Yes" to getting themselves on the list!

Trust me–like Mariana, Sara, Sylvana, Juthika, Jen, and women worldwide–with Red Tent Academy you are only a few weeks away from learning the self-care practices, and the practical skills you need to anchor a Red Tent for your community.

Joining a global supportive women’s group will clarify your vision for a life where you aren’t “pulled in all directions.” It is within your power.

It’s your turn! Not only get yourself on the list but invite others, too. It’s time to get in the flow.

“DeAnna gave me very clear, fluid, intuitive tools, guidelines, and vision. It helped me learn how to structure and sustain a Red Tent. I feel more confident to offer my Red Tent now, as a part of this Red Tent Global Community.”
Juthika Dcruz

Red Tent Academy

Red Tent Academy (valued at $3000)

Red Tent Keeper Certification (priceless)

Creating Red Tent Momentum Summit (valued at $127)

2 Red Tent Host Manuals: All Women & Women-Girls (valued at $114)

Total Value: $3241

Visionary Price: $497

Red Tent Academy VIP Tract

Red Tent Academy (valued at $3000)

Red Tent Keeper Certification (priceless)

Creating Red Tent Momentum Summit (valued at $127)

2 Red Tent Host Manuals: All Women & Women-Girls (valued at $114)

2 Private Sessions with DeAnna (valued at $450)

Total Value: $3691

Visionary Price: $697

CLICK HERE for payment plan (3 payments of $177)

Doors open for a limited time!

Begins May 1, 2023

CLICK HERE for payment plan (4 payments of $177)

Only 5 spots available!

Begins May 1, 2023