Red Tent Academy -
Launch, Sustain & Grow Red Tents

A 6-Weeks Online Certification Course

Opens January 2022
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Opens January 2022

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Red Tent Academy: Click for Waiting List

What is Red Tent Academy?

If you LOVE being in a Red Tent,
or if you plan to HOST one:

it is Time
to Become
 an Agent of Change!

In order to create Change, we need Tools!

Do you feel, like so many women, lost or unsure about

- Anchor a Red Tent Practice  in your Personal Life?
- Offer Red Tents to other women?
- Keep inspiring?
- Promote?
- Grow your list?
- Keep women coming back?
- Deal with money?
- Prevent burn out?
- Sustain a Red Tent for the long run?

I'd like to give you Tools
for Anchoring Red Tent Practices in your Personal Life
And Running Successful Red Tents for Others!

Are you ready to be Inspired?

I know in my bones that holding Red Tents in every village, town, and city -
will CHANGE our WORLD!

Like You, women around the world YEARN to hold Red Tents.

But - Desire isn't enough...

I've seen women all over the world begin with a Bang
and then – run Out of Ideas, get Discouraged, or Burn Out...

Women need TOOLS to:
- LAUNCH a Red Tent
- SUSTAIN a Red Tent Community
- GROW the circle & keep women Returning Every Month!

Women Need
A Red Tent Academy!

I have been holding Menstrual Empowerment Circles since 1993
long BEFORE the Red Tent Book was written!

I trained women in over 30 countries
with original Curriculum, Tools, Road Maps, and Guidance

I've seen Red Tents flourish and I've seen them decline...

I saw where the weak points are and what mistakes can be easily remedied.

I hear women's longing for Red Tents,
and I hear their frustration when they don't take off...

I am here to Respond to Your Call:

I designed the Red Tent Academy for You:
a Comprehensive Online Program
to help you Launch, Grow, and Sustain a Red Tent -- for the long run!

Opens January 2022

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Is this For Me?

This is for You, if you:
- Never held a Red Tent
- Tried to hold one and got discouraged
- Are holding a Red Tent & wish to take it to the Next Level

I will hold your hand, guide you through obstacles,
and Certify you as a Sisterhood RED TENT KEEPER

There is a seat for you in our circle
next to women from around the world.

Women committed to:
Nourishing themselves
Supporting other women
and making an honorable living

Are you one?

I am waiting for you HERE:

Opens January 2022

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It is Time!

I believe in You:
You Can DO It!

When we have a Red Tent
in every neighborhood, town, and city --
the world would be
a SAFE place for Women & Girls.

We need Red Tents to be Accessible to ALL women & Girls,
in ALL cultures, ALL year round,
and - we need women like You to HOLD them!

We can't wait for the culture to change,
we need to change it, by our ACTIONS!

The most effective Action you can take as a Woman
is to empower Yourself,
learn to Empower Women & Girls --
The FUTURE of our world depends on it!

Opens January 2022

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Rather than be swallowed by despair about the state of the world --
You can make a Difference!

It is clear that our world will be transformed by women
and if you always wanted to be part of the Change -
NOW is Time to Act!

Red Tents are Not going to happen if women don't hold them!

Are you ready to respond to the call of the world?

To take your place in the leading edge of Change?

There is never a crowd on the Leading Edge:
It is Select Women, like you, that Forge the Path.

And You are NEEDED to Hold & Grow RED TENTS
in YOUR Area!

Opens January 2022

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What Would You Learn?

Course Modules:

Module 1:

Red Tent Foundations
Types of Red Tents
Walking your Talk
Anchoring a Red Tent in Your Life
Self Care – Inner Permission and Practices

Module 2:

You Are a Cyclical Being
Menstruation in Indigenous Cultures
How to Recognize & Meet Your Needs
Soliciting Support
Collaborative Communication

Module 3:

Offering Red Tents
Creating Space
Your Energy Field
Avoiding Burn-Out
Serving Women & Girls

Module 4:

Creating Infra-Structure
Putting Systems in Place
Breaking the Fear of Marketing
Busting the Fear of Charging Money
Making Your Vision into Your Business

Module 5:

Red Tent Activities
Your Role as Red Tent Keeper 
Drawing Inspiration from Ancient Cultures
Breaking Cultural Taboos about Menstruation
Letting your Cycle Fire You Up!

Module 6:

Growing your Red Tent
How to Encourage Commitment
Meeting Women's Needs
Nurturing Women & Girls
Making Red Tents an Essence of your Community

Complete this Foundation Level & receive:

Next Step Up:

Advanced Level -

From Competition to Collaboration
Women Changing the world!


Red Tent Academy-
VIP Tract 

Open to 5 Women only 

Ted Tent Academy
VIP Tract

Red Tent Academy
Launch, Sustain, and Grow Red Tents

Limited to 5 women Only

Register Now
To Avoid Disappointments

Opens January 2022

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Red Tent Academy: Click for Waiting List

How Does it Work?

Receive 12 sessions - in 6 Weeks:

6 Teaching Modules
6 Live Zoom Sessions

~ 6 Teaching Modules:
Arrive Weekly via Email - in both Video & Audio Formats
to accommodate Visual & Auditory Learners -
You choose which way you wish to learn!

~ 6 Live Q & A Zoom Sessions with DeAnna
to deepen your Journey (attend Live - or watch the Recordings)

~ Modules arrive on Mondays, for 6 weeks

~ Zoom sessions Live on Thursdays, for 6 weeks

~Study at Your Own Pace

~ ALL Recordings are Yours to Keep

~ Get Access to PRIVATE Facebook Group:
Ask Questions, Discuss & Receive Support from DeAnna,
and from the Red Tent Academy Community

~ All Course Materials, Recordings & Bonuses are Yours to Keep! 

VIP Students receive 2 Private Sessions with DeAnna
During Course Weeks


When you Sign Up for the Red Tent Academy
You Receive:

Bonus #1

Designed to help you start a SISTERHOOD RED TENT in your community,
where you are nurtured, renewed, and replenished monthly,
and where other women gather to give and receive –
this manual will help you
open a Sisterhood Red Tent in YOUR community
even if you never held one
Or – if you are experienced in hosting women’s groups!


Value: $57.00

Bonus #2


Designed to help you start a MULTI-AGE RED TENT in your community,
where WOMEN & GIRLS gather to give and receive –
this manual will help you open
a Red Tent for Women & Girls in YOUR community
even if you never held one
Or – if you are experienced in hosting women’s & girls’ groups!


Value: $57.00

Bonus #3

Why is it important Now -- for more women to create change on a grass-root level?

What do women need to start gathering in Red Tents (if anything)?

How would a strong Red Tent MOMENTUM change the world?

Luminary, Fierce, Leading-Edge Women provide You with RED TENT Video Inspiration, spoken with Insight, Passion, and Heart!

Summit Videos are No Longer Available to the Public.
You will receive PRIVATE ACCESS to ALL Summit Videos
during the Red Tent Academy Course Duration!

Value: $97.00

More Benefits
for Academy Students:

Receive 25% off

DeAnna's most popular e-Books & e-Courses
that will Most Support your Red Tent Experience:


Becoming Peers -
Mentoring Girls into Womanhood

A Diva's Guide
to Getting Your Period

Red Moon -

5 Steps for Reclaiming Menstruation as a Spiritual Journey

Purple Moon - 

5 Steps to Reclaiming Menopause as a Spiritual Journey

Opens January 2022

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Red Tent Academy: Click for Waiting List

Academy Graduates

The Red Tent Academy was so grounding, enriching, encouraging, and nourishing.

My motivation for holding Red Tents has been strengthened and confirmed.

I feel prepared, in a very professional way, to create, hold, and sustain a sacred space for women.

DeAnna provided me with a concrete plan for how to run a Rent Tent properly and effectively, and entrusted me with strong tools, so that I will succeed in meeting women's specific needs.

Going through the Red Tent Academy Modules, I feel encouraged and able to walk my talk, to communicate in a warm respectful way, and be a model for women, by practicing my own personal Red Tent.

I am much more able to feel, and respect, my own needs around being a woman, and  how to respond to them in different situations.

I was deeply touched being a VIP Member of the Red Tent Academy. Working personally with DeAnna I clearly feel and see a new level of Self Love that came into my life, enriching every part of me.

In my opinion the Red Tent Academy is the most fundamental course I was ever part of.

I am very happy to be a member in this global movement of bringing a Red Tent to every neighbourhood!

~ Mariama Hense, Trauma Therapist

Leverkusen, Germany

The Red Tent Academy taught me how to sync my rhythm with the rhythm of the universe. I am now able to chalk-out my plans of action, and better concentrate on what I need, as well as recognize when I need to just BE, without feeling guilty.

It was a pleasure to be initiated into the Red Tent Academy by DeAnna Lam. I loved her cool and calm composure and I thank her for sharing her valuable experience and knowledge of The Red Tent.

Juthika Dcruz ~ Mumbai, India

The Red Tent Academy gave me more trust in myself.

Being connected with a wonderful community of women from all over the world brings me a lot of joy: I learned from them and with them.

DeAnna gave me very clear, fluid and intuitive tools, guidelines and vision. It helped learn how to structure and sustain a Red Tent.

I feel more confident to offer my Red Tent now, as a part of this Red Tent Global Community.

As a 25 years old woman, I’m very optimistic to see women gathering to create sacred spaces. I’m grateful to be part of this movement, and I hope to follow DeAnna's path, and to create a lot of beautiful Red Tens with women from all origins!

~ Sylvana Mele, France

The Red Tent Academy was a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow with like-minded and supportive women. What really stood out for me was the work around self-awareness and role-modelling.

I would recommend this course to women interested in working with other women - in any capacity - because DeAnna is a wonderful role-model!

The language used in the course is beautiful and inspiring.

I feel genuinely enriched by my time at the Red Tent Academy.

Most Sincerely,

 ~Jen Ingrid Engen RN, BScN, MSP-AT, U.S.A.

The Red Tent Academy helped me understand menstruation is a powerful time and inspired me to pay more attention to my thoughts and feelings when I'm bleeding. It taught me the importance of walking my talk, and I'm learning to do this little by little. Thank you DeAnna. I feel fortunate to have been inspired by you!

~ Red Tent Academy Graduate

I gained insights and ideas for what to do in the Red Tent.

I feel more encouraged and inspired. I feel I am part of a movement.

I have someone I can ask for help, I’m not alone!

It’s so delightful to be awaken together with other women.

It’s important to feel your heart, your body.

Thank you very much for this opportunity! I’m very happy and satisfied!!!

~ Red Tent Academy Graduate

The Academy helped me get clear about the space I want to offer and how to present it. It gave me clarity about the meaning of the Red Tent: traditional and new. It confirmed that this is a need of most women, not only mine!

~ Red Tent Academy Graduate

~ I found trust in myself, in my position as a facilitator, and in how to communicate with others, by the tools DeAnna gave us. Thank you!

~ Red Tent Academy Graduate

I've been holding Red Tents for a couple of years now. I signed up for the Red Tent Academy because I came across difficulties, and wanted DeAnna's experience to help me with them.

The journey taught me how to be really centered in the experience myself, so I can make it relevant, deep, and effective for other women.

It became very clear that the Red Tent space is a way to BE: with ourselves, our sisters, or the women we welcome.

I totally share DeAnna's vision of Red Tents as places in which to be a Cyclical Being, and her clarity in drawing the picture of the Red Tents Movement, and the types and styles of Red Tents.

It really helped me put into focus what all this work signifies for me.

Now my Vision is clearer.

I am Happy to be part of this circle where I know I can find support, inspiration, creative solutions, and new perspectives, and to contribuit to the vision of A Red Tent in every Neightbourhood! Let's do it!" 

~ Sara Spiazzi, Verona, Italy

“I have no words to say how happy I am about this journey! 
You are incredible! Every session is so deep and beautiful!
I feel blessed and honored to be your student, and to spread this legacy you are teaching us!
Infinite gratitude for all that you do for humanity!”

~ A. Stringhini (Vita Shakti)
Mother, Red Tent keeper, Naturopathic physician, Yoga Teacher
Cambridgeshire, U.K.

Frequently Asked Questions:

- What is the Difference between Womb Academy & Red Tent Academy? 

Womb Academy with Class LogoWomb Academy is a Healing Journey of Empowerment
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Red Tent Academy is a Training Journey for Holding Red Tents
                     Read more HERE



- Which should I take first?

The two programs complement each other.
You are welcome to start with either one.
Taking both offers optimal benefit: personally and professionally.

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