Keynote Speaking,
Presentations, and Workshops

with DeAnna L’am

A pioneer in Menstrual Empowerment,
and internationally recognized expert in helping women and girls
make coming-of-age easier, and womanhood richer,
DeAnna delivers inspiring presentations,
and easy-to-apply practical tools,
which help women to:

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  • Demystify menstruation
  • Reclaim the last missing piece to women’s wholeness
  • Dissolve PMS symptoms
  • Welcome coming-of-age girls into womanhood with ease and comfort
  • Become empowering role model for today’s girls!


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You Can:

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  • Have DeAnna present at your next conference, seminar, or event.
  • Organize a Workshop/ Activation / Intensive training in your community, and have DeAnna travel to teach it.

It’s simple, just follow these guidelines:

1) Check out DeAnna’s speaking and workshop topics:

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Resources for Media & Event Planners!

To make it easy to promote DeAnna L’am as your event presenter,
we have provided (below) the information you would need for your advertisements, flyers, and handouts.

Topics include:

~ Reverse “The Curse”!
~ Our daughters, Ourselves
~ Red Tent Activation & trainings

DeAnna would also be delighted to create a custom presentation
for your organization or your special event, upon request!

2) Hire DeAnna to speak!

Simply go to our Contact Page and send us your details.

Resources for Media and Event Planners

To help you put together publicity materials such as flyers, handouts, brochures and ads, we have provided below the most commonly needed resources.

For any further assistance, please go to our Contact Page

Presentation Info, Workshop Description, and Speaker Bio:

For your convenience, please find below
presentation and workshop descriptions,
as well as a Speaker Bio for DeAnna L’am.

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1. Reverse “The Curse”!

2. Our daughters, Ourselves

3. Inspiring Adolescent Children To Love themselves


1. Red Tent Activation

2. Our daughters, Ourselves

DeAnna’s Speaker Bio:

DeAnna L’am, a pioneer in Menstrual Empowerment

Photos of DeAnna L’am

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