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Wombs without Borders

On International Women’s Day: March 8, 2022, we united our hearts and wombs around the world to move from war to womb, from conflict to

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Women's Wisdom

My Life as a Collage

January 27th marked 35 years since I left Israel, my childhood home. When I was asked by a friend: “How does this feel?” I found

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Red Tent

My Romanian Roots

After years of denial, my heart opened to embrace my Romanian roots.  I was born in Bucharest, and immigrated with my family to Israel,

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Coming of Age

Global Womb Activation

It’s Time to make our Womb Visible! We Each have a Unique Womb Print! In the same way that our finger-prints, our foot-prints, and our

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“Filthy” during our period?

A brave sister from Tunisia wrote: “In Islam we are not allowed to pray during our periods… not even alone… we are considered filthy…” This

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