How would your life look like
When your Inner Maiden is Fully Integrated?



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If you’re ready to HEAL your INNER MAIDEN

And – get Certified to Teach Other Women –

this Online Course will Transform your Life!

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Your Inner Maiden is waiting…

If you are a Woman who wishes to:

~ Eliminate PMS or Menopause symptoms

~ Integrate your Fearless, Daring, Fierce, Creative Inner Maiden
into the Woman you are

~ Learn to be guided by your Heart and Womb

~ Live your Full Range

~ Become Certified INNER MAIDEN HEALING facilitator
and empower today’s

women & girls —

Then this is for You!

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Inner Maiden Integration is the essence

of DeAnna’s most In-Depth RED TENT Certification:

Begins October 2018 ~ Space is limited

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Menstruation as a spiritual journey, is the last uncovered frontier in personal growth and spirituality today!

The Inner Maiden Healing Work Meets Women’s Needs –where Psychotherapy, Feminism, and Women’s Spirituality stop exploring!

Based on DeAnna’s Menstrual Empowerment work developed over 25 years of working with women & girls around the world

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Women and girls around the world

Are thirsty for this work,

and We Need More Certified Women To Facilitate It!

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When you graduate, You will join a network of amazing women:

Red Moon School Of Empowerment graduates –

From Spain, Israel, Germany, Italy, Canada, Hungary, and the U.S.A.

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It is a delight to invite you to this journey…

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