If you are ready to Integrate Your forgotten
Daring, Fierce, Creative Inner Maiden,
into the Woman you are Now –
Then this is for You!

Have you been dreaming about
Deeply Transforming Yourself and others?

Have you been longing
to Feed your Soul,
And get paid to help other women
feed theirs?

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It is Time
to respond to the Call of your Soul,
to Heal the last missing pieces within,
to seek Meaningful work –
helping other women heal!

The world is waiting for You

Are you ready to fly?

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Do you wish to:

~ Reclaim your cycle as source of inner guidance and spiritual renewal?

~ Renew Coming-Of-Age & Rites of Passage traditions in current cultures

~ Become Certified INNER MAIDEN HEALING facilitator to empower today’s women & girls –

Then this is for You!

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Regardless of your Menstrual or Menopausal status,
If you were once a girl —
Integrating her into your life
Will make you a Transformed Woman!

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Women and girls around the world are thirsty for this work,

and We Need More Certified Women To Facilitate It!


Inner Maiden Training –

DeAnna’s exclusive RED TENT Certification

Training Begins October 2018

Space is limited

Menstruation as a spiritual journey, is the last uncovered frontier in personal growth and spirituality today!

The Inner Maiden Healing Work Meets Women’s Needs –where Psychotherapy, Feminism, and Women’s Spirituality stop exploring!

Based on DeAnna’s Menstrual Empowerment work developed over 25 years of working with women & girls around the world

When you graduate, You will join a network of amazing women:

Red Moon School Of Empowerment graduates –

From Spain, Israel, Germany, Italy, Canada, and the U.S.A.

It is a delight to invite you to this journey…

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– Licensing options

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Here is how this work changed women’s lives around the world:

The Inner Maiden is the most profoundly feminine work I have ever done. I am recommending this course to women who already have grown-up daughters, and to women who aren’t mothers. I think it will be of benefit to any woman who has ever had a period! Whether our motivation for taking this course is for our daughters or not, I know that the work that we are doing for ourselves is also for future generations of women, whether these are our daughters, nieces, or the daughters of our neighbor.

~ Monica Battle, Girona, Spain Course facilitated by Sophia Style – Red Moon Training Graduate


“I stand taller & more proud in my woman body. I’m more comfortable with my moods and needs as a woman. I feel more connected to my female relatives and ancestors. As a mother, I’m more aware of what my girls need to grow into strong women – one part of it is a mother who has healed her own growing pains. Oh, and I just couldn’t wait for my next period after the retreat!”

~ Stefanie Miosga, Women’s health counselor, Dresden, Germany – Red Moon Training Graduate


“This is the most important work a woman can provide for herself. My relationship with my body and my cycle has completely transformed thanks to DeAnna and the Red Moon training. I’ve gained a deeper understanding and appreciation of the challenges, gifts, beauty, and power of our womanhood.

~ K. Hill, M.A., Psychotherapist, Oakland, California – Red Moon Training Graduate


“I used to take up to 20 pain-killers per period. Working with DeAnna I have totally turned around my perception of my body, my flow and my spirituality. I now feel myself to be a blessed and beautiful woman. I am grateful.

~ S.M. Herbalist, Australia

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This work has been feeding my soul for over two decades… It is deeply rewarding to work with women around the world, and see how the Red Moon healing balm soothes women’s core beyond cultural, religious, racial, political, or upbringing differences, leading us toward finding our deepest bond as cycling women and spreading empowerment to women & girls everywhere!

I invite you to take this journey as a gift to yourself, and to the world…


  • Release cultural negativity about menstruation (which may be lodged in your body since adolescence)
  • Receive the Coming-Of-Age experiences you always wanted
  • Dissolve PMS symptoms
  • Integrate your Inner Maiden as the fearless initiator, risk-taker, spontaneous, care-free aspect of your womanhood
  • Deepen trust with your daughter (or the girl in your life)
  • Learn facilitation, group leadership, and marketing skills


  • Learning to use your cycle as inner guidance (rather than be at its mercy!)
  • Spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects of menstruation
  • Healing your Inner Maiden (the girl coming-of-age inside every women)
  • Reclaiming menstruation as celebrated in indigenous cultures around the world
  • Shamanic trance journeys
  • Integrating all parts of your womanhood into a radiant whole
  • Empowering women & girls in your community


  • Sessions are held over the phone (you can attend from anywhere in the world!)
  • 12 sessions, delivered every other week, over 6 months
  • Each session lasts 75 minutes (an hour and a quarter)
  • Email support, notes, and preparations are provided between sessions
  • All sessions are recorded and down-loadable to your computer


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Licensing Option:

You can take this training as a Personal Growth journey, or as the foundation to becoming a licensed Red Moon Facilitator.

Licensing Requirements:

– Completing 12 Red Moon sessions with DeAnna L’am – Organizing a Red Moon workshop in your area, which DeAnna will travel to teach (if you are outside the U.S.A, special arrangements can be made) – Facilitating 2 sessions within the Red Moon workshop (which you organized in your area) & receiving supervision from DeAnna

Teaching Red Moon Workshops in your community:

Once you and DeAnna both feel that you are ready to facilitate your first Red Moon Workshop, you will need to: – Sign a Red Moon Licensing Agreement – Purchase DeAnna’s Red Moon Curriculum for a one-time fee (3 different curriculums available : 1) Red Tent Retreat for Women 2) Red Tent Retreat for Mothers & daughters 3) Red Tent Girls’ Sleepover – Engage in supervision with DeAnna for each of the first 4 workshops you facilitate (more if needed) – Stay connected with Red Moon and DeAnna as a Cerified Red Moon Facilitator

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Money has the capacity to scare us, and stop us on our tracks. Please consider this journey not as a financial adventure (which it isn’t) but as an adventure of the heart and soul, designed to help you find the last missing pieces of your womanhood’s jigsaw puzzle, to empower you beyond what you thought possible, and equip you to bring inspiration and empowerment to women and girls in the world!

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If this is your calling – listen to it, and Join Us!

The world is waiting for you…

Are you ready?


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