What if…

Your Womb had the Answer to your Womanhood Riddle

So you could...

Accept Yourself Fully, Love your Body As it Is
And live Symptom-Free Cycles

Our Mothers...

  • Were never welcomed to womanhood

  • Were alone and afraid on their 1st period

  • Suffered years of emotional and physical symptoms, monthly

So how could they ever welcome us on our 1st period?

They had no model to draw from, and no clue of what we needed as girls

Women Moved Up Cultural Ladders
but are still Alone with the most
Painful Womanhood Riddles:

  • Why can’t I love my body?
  • Why don’t I accept myself as I am?
  • Why do I suffer PMS or Menopause symptoms?

The truth is:
Your Inner Girl, Teen, and Wise Woman
Ache to be Seen

Being Invisible Hurts

Women are hardly celebrated
in today's cultures:

Did your family tell stories of how happy they were you were born a girl?

Were you taught as a girl that you are strong, worthy, capable?

Do you feel Wise and Whole as a Woman?

The answer is No for most women

We think it’s OK, we rise above it but we pay a high price:

Low self esteem, poor body image, monthly symptoms, lack of support, and a loss for inner guidance

When it comes to welcoming our daughters, or empowering grand-daughters, step-daughters, nieces – we have great hopes, but no resources

Most Moms say their daughters just roll their eyes and don’t want to talk about it

Your Womb holds the KEY

to accepting yourself exactly as you are 

releasing symptoms of Menstruation or Menopause 

and integrating all your facets into one Whole

Your inner Girl, Teen, Wise Woman are all Facets of the Diamond You Are

It's time to let your Diamond Shine!

It’s easier than you think, since there is

A Spiritual Design to your Cyclical Body.

You only need to become aware of the design

and follow its path to live harmoniously inside your skin

And you don’t have to do this alone:

most women around the world are in the same boat,

it’s time for us to create

A Powerful Global Womb Community!

Where you are fully accepted and fully accept yourself

It's Never too late
to have a Happy Childhood

You can receive what you never got on your 1st period,

what you hoped for all your teen years but never got.

Because the moment of power is always Now

and what you build Now lights your past in a bright new light

Italy, hug
“DeAnna's work helped me enter into profound intimacy with myself. The mirror now reflects a new image of me: I now love myself. I’m more empathetic, I have a better overall view of life. I feel like a gem being polished and reflecting facets. Infinite thanks for your work!”
Montserrat C.B.
Midwife. Barcelona, España

I wasn’t welcomed to womanhood. Neither was my mother, or her mother.

I was offered a pad and nothing else. No celebration, no guidance, no open arms, nothing special.

In fact, I felt extremely non-special with this new “thing” that my Grandmother called Curse, and “makes women’s lives miserable” as she often said.

I suffered huge emotional roller coasters monthly until I decided there must be another way. I begun researching indigenous traditions around the world and found the gift of a much more meaningful perspective.

Then my healing began...

30 years ago I began a healing journey that led me to “reverse the curse” in my life. Since then I’ve helped women from the US to Israel, from Europe to Latin America reach the same soothing and healing. I founded the Red Moon School of Empowerment for Women & Girls in 1993 to help women all over the world to 

  • Accept themselves unconditionally
  • Welcome each other into womanhood
  • Fully thrive

I developed both practical and spiritual methods to empower women. And I’ve been teaching women all over the world to reclaim their cycle as a source of inner guidance and renewal. The next step was to teach women how to empower others.

I’ve been on the leading edge of Womb Empowerment long before the Red Tent book was written, and on the forefront of the global Red Tent movement since its birth, teaching women to love themselves, empower their daughters, and change the world!

DeAnna in her Red Tent

It's your turn!

Your Womb is Waiting to make you Whole

If you would like to live in today’s fast-paced world without being crushed by it, you need to draw on the power of your womb. Reclaim the pieces you left behind on the day of your 1st period, and weave them into the woman you are today, to become whole.

It's Time to Live your Womb Power


An ultimate online course that helps you reclaim the wounded teen girl you were and revive her fearless qualities. Learn how to to integrate her into the woman you are, to become whole.

This is the last missing piece of your womanhood jigsaw puzzle!

Perfect for any woman who was once a girl,

and every mother of a girl

red tent academy

Womb Academy
Valued at $997

Regular Price: $997
Special Price: $347

Doors open for a limited time!

Next Academy dates to be announced 

Womb Academy is the ultimate Online Course that unlocks the secrets to
Dissolving Symptoms, Loving your body, and Accepting yourself exactly as you are

Journey 1: Self Care

Do you give yourself Permission to take time for Self care? Discover your limiting beliefs and sabotaging behaviors and cultivate Self Care as an essential practice in your life

Become more confident and self accepting

Journey 2: Awaken my Ancestral Line

You’re a Link in the Chain of Generations that begun before time… You carry spiritual messages and connections from your Ancestors You’re part of a Blood Line of Women waiting for you to come Home Awaken and Enliven your connection to your Mothers’ Lines and Ancestral Design

Make peace with your mother and rely on the strength of your Blood Line

Journey 3: Your First Period

Were you welcomed into womanhood when you came of age? Most women weren’t. Most carry this invisible wound that effects your relationships, your work, your life. It’s time to receive a healing balm for your inner adolescent girl

Find your true voice and shine

Journey 4 Create an Alternative Biography

It’s Never too late to have a Happy Girlhood! Craft your Alternative Biography to create an empowered present, and become the woman you were born to be

Feel connected and confident

Journey 5: LOVING MY BODY – Releasing What Doesn’t Serve Me

Women grow up in cultures that don’t honor us as girls, encourage us to dislike our body, to constantly compare ourselves and feel we fall short. Enough is Enough! It’s time to trace negative messages about our womanhood, which are lodged in our cellular memory and RELEASE them once and for all

Become free from cultural conditioning

Journey 6: Coming of Age Ceremony

Receive the ceremony you never had when you came of age!

Feel whole, integrated and complete

I feel I own my power now!
I am ready to be myself and show it to the world. I feel powerful!
I now have the strength to take my vision into the world, act as my heart shows me, and to be true to myself!
You taught me to own my power.
You are an amazing guide and model for me, and I feel so lucky to have met you, and to have listened to the calling of this training!

How it works

6 weekly audio Shamanic Journeys

6 weekly Live group calls with DeAnna

Recordings are yours to keep


Work at your Own Pace

Recordings arrive Weekly

Listen when you can, as often as you wish


For implementing Womb Wisdom in your Life

Whether you still Cycle – or Not!

Answers to Personal Questions:

DeAnna will address personalized questions on Zoom

Bring yours, or benefit from answers other women’s questions


A Safe Private Online Group

Receive & Give Support

Build Community with Women Around the World

Also Included!

my two host manuals

“For the first time in my life I have a positive, empowering sense of womanhood! Thank you so much!”

VIP Tract: Only 5 Spots Available

For those ready to fly (with personal guidance)

Your mindset is essential when it comes to both the womb and heart. Challenges from people or events in your life tend to overwhelm and set you back. Your life issues often block your ability to realize your worth, to move forward, and to thrive.

  • Receive two personal sessions with DeAnna to help you overcome personal set backs
  • Resolve past issues that prevent you from succeed
  • Grow new habits and anchor them in your life – with 1:1 personal support
“I was deeply touched being a VIP student. Working personally with DeAnna I clearly feel and see a new level of Self Love that came into my life, enriching every part of me.
Mariama Hense
Trauma Counselor

Bonus 1

Red Moon – 5 Steps to Menstruation as a Spiritual Journey

Meet your Power

Dance with your Rhythms

Live in Synch with your Cycle (not at its’ mercy)

Connect with your Guidance during Menstruation

Cultivate Menstruation as a Spiritual Practice


Value: $57

Bonus 2

Access Private Womb Resource Page

Receive Private Access to a Treasure of Resources:

Global Womb Activation Videos with DeAnna and Special Guests from around the World, featuring Wise Women bringing indigenous wisdom from Ethiopian, Maori, Unangan and other traditions. All gathered under one roof, on one private page for you to explore and get inspired!

Value: $127

Working with you has offered new meaning to my life.
I look towards tomorrow with new eyes. I plan on pursuing all that you offer: any initiations, certifications, milestones, and ceremonies you offer. You are an amazing force in this world.
Words fall short for the light you are passing to me.
With all my heart, thank you!”
Buffy Breeden/ Red Bear
Maryville, Tennessee

ready to join

Womb Academy

Womb Academy (regular price: $997)

Red Moon Bonus (valued at $57)

Womb Resources (valued at $127)


Total Value: $1181

Regular Price: $997

Special Price: $347

CLICK HERE for payment plan (4 payments of $93)
doors open for a limited time!

Next Academy dates to be announced 

the next level

Womb Academy
VIP Tract

Womb Academy (valued at $997)

Red Moon Bonus (valued at $57)

Womb Resources (valued at $127)

VIP Sessions with DeAnna (valued at $450)

Total Value: $1631

Regular Price: $1127

Special Price: $597

payment plan available

CLICK HERE for payment plan (6 payments of $105)
only 5 spaces available!

Next Academy dates to be announced 

The Red Tent Guarantee


Enrolling in the Red Tent Academy is about learning the skills you need to feel welcome in your own life, grow your leadership skills, and lay the foundations for a thriving  Red Tent community. The first two of our twelve weeks together focus exclusively on starting with you! I stand behind my work 100%, so if you don’t find value in these first two weeks, simply send an email to  welcome@deannalam.com and I’ll happily refund your investment within the first 14 days of the course.

It’s no secret that women typically spend almost twice as much as men on healthcare in any given year–and that we’re regularly dissatisfied with our OBGYN’s dismissive attitude and answer to everything with a birth control prescription.

  • According to the Huffington Post, women in the US can expect to spend over $18,000 on medical care just for being a female
  • Listen Money Matters reports the average woman spends $1300 more than men each year on expendables like razors or clothing
  • There are five times more studies on male issues than women’s (The Guardian on the gender health gap)–so we have to come together as women to find solutions for ourselves

Many women can’t afford not to take back control of their cycles.

From days of missed work, to PMS medications, to having to hire additional household help, you have all the reasons in the world to create your women’s community today.

The Red Tent Academy’s doors are only open for 21 days. We begin January 24!

The small investment in Red Tent Academy will not only ensure you know how to create renewal space for yourself, but it will also teach you how to create a thriving business helping other women do the same (and financially support yourself doing what you love)!

“This was one of the most empowering ceremonies I've had in my life. It renewed my womanhood!
Dana Peleg, Art Historian and Journalist
California, USA
“I really can't tell you how deep this work goes... I never ever could have imagined this before we embarked on this journey. My heart is smiling, my soul is dancing, my body is enjoying and my eyes are shining because of it.”
Petra Vrouwenhart Holistic Bodyworker / Women's Healing Arts Teacher
Hardenberg, the Netherlands
“All I experienced so far brought me to this training, to find my inner self again. It came true. I connected with a part of me that was hidden for a very long time. And by connecting with it -- talents, interests, love, strength, and courage came back to my life. I'm thankful”
Vienna, Austria

Q: How much time per week should I plan for this academy?

Each of the six weeks includes an audio Shamanic Journey about half-hour long and a group Zoom call which is one hour long. Beyond that, you can devote as much or as little time as you desire. As with most things of value in life, you’ll get out what you put in.

Q: Can I work at my own pace?

Of course! My goal is to give you all the support you need to grow and sustain self acceptance for the long run. You’ll receive access to the week’s Shamanic Journey each Monday and we’ll meet for the live Zoom session on Wednesdays. You can attend live or watch the recording (if your schedule doesn’t jive with the live sessions).

Q: How long do I have access to the Womb Tent Academy?

The Shamanic Journeys are available for a year. The live session recordings are yours to keep after you download them weekly. Bonuses are yours to keep.

Q: What’s the difference between Red Tent Academy and Womb Academy?

Womb Academy is a healing journey of empowerment, and Red Tent Academy is a training for holding red tents. Both are recommended for optimal personal and professional development and you may begin with either. They are wonderfully complimentary!

It’s time to join women around the world who choose to say

"Yes" to self acceptance

"Yes" to loving my body

"Yes" to Womb Wisdom!

Like Giordana, Sonya, Mariana, Dana, Petra, Buffy and so many women worldwide –Womb Academy puts you on the wave-length self love, self acceptance, and thriving womanhood.

Becoming part of a global supportive women’s group will reveal you are not alone in your challenges as a woman, and help you accelerate your growth. Because together we are stronger. It’s your turn to shine!

“I can't recommend your work enough! I feel I have come into my full power as an adult woman. I have released deep layers of pain, shame, and negativity from many generations of women in my family.”
Sophia Style
Menstrual Cycle and Childbirth Educator, Girona, Spain

Womb Academy

Womb Academy (regular price: $997)

Red Moon Bonus (valued at $57)

Womb Resources (valued at $127)

Total Value: $1181

Regular Price: $997

Special Price: $347

Womb Academy VIP Tract

Womb Academy (valued at $997)

Red Moon Bonus (valued at $57)

Womb Resources (valued at $127)

VIP Sessions with DeAnna (valued at $450)

Total Value: $1631

Regular Price: $1127

Special Price: $597

CLICK HERE for payment plan (4 payments of $93)
doors open for a limited time!

Next Academy dates to be announced 

CLICK HERE for payment plan (6 payments of $105)
only 5 spaces available!

Next Academy dates to be announced