Womb Academy:

The Spiritual Design of your Cyclical Body


Your Womb
Is Much More than a Physical Organ:

It is
Your Soul Map as Woman! 

Womb Wisdom a
s the Seat of your Power

A Womb Activist!

Womb Academy Begins September 20, 2021

What is Womb Academy:

An Online Course
with DeAnna

Helping You
Discover and Live
The Spiritual Design of your Cyclical Body


6 Recorded Shamanic Journeys
Delivered Weekly by e-mail:
Listen & work at your Own Pace

6 Weekly Q & A sessions with DeAnna
Participate LIVE on Zoom
OR – attend via Recordings (yours to keep)

Be part of a Vibrant online Womb Community
For support, connection, and growth

Be the Change:
Womb Oppression STOPS with us!

Become Womb Wise,
and Model Womb Empowerment to the Girls in your Life!

Womb Academy Begins September 20, 2021

Were you told as a Girl
About the Magic of your Womb?

Were you Welcomed into Womanhood
when your Womb began Cycling?

Were you offered Empowering Messages
from your Family and Culture?

Sadly, most of us Never did…

Yet –
It’s NEVER too late

to Activate your Womb,
to Reclaim your daring, Fierce, Visionary Inner Maiden,
and to Live Womb-Wise!

Because it’s Womb Time!

Womb Academy Begins September 20, 2021

What is Covered:

6 Shamanic Journeys

6 Live Sessions with DeAnna on Zoom

Journey 1:
Self Care

Do you give yourself Permission to take time for Self care?
Discover your limiting beliefs and sabotaging behaviors,
and cultivate Self Care as an essential practice in your life

Journey 2:
Awaken my Ancestral Line

You’re a Link in the Chain of Generations that begun before time…
You carry spiritual messages and connections from your Ancestors.
You’re part of a Blood Line of Women waiting for you to come Home.
Awaken and Enliven your connection to your Mothers’ Lines and Ancestral Design

Journey 3:
Your First Period

Were you welcomed into womanhood when you came of age?
Most women weren’t.
Most women carry this inner void, which they don’t even recognize a a wound, until they begin to soothe and heal it…
It’s time to receive a healing balm for your inner adolescent girl

Journey 4
Create an Alternative Biography

It’s Never too late to have a Happy Girlhood!
Craft your Alternative Biography to create an empowered present,
and become the women you were born to be

Journey 5:
LOVING MY BODY – Releasing What Doesn’t Serve Me

Women grow up in cultures that don’t honor us as girls,
encourage us to dislike our body, compare it to impossible ideals, find ourselves lacking, and loath who we are.
Enough is Enough!
It’s time to trace negative messages about our body, our cyclicity, and our womanhood, which are lodged in our cellular memory since we were girls, and RELEASE them once and for all!

Journey 6:
Coming of Age Ceremony

Receive the ceremony you never had when you came of age!

WOMB ACTIVIST Certification
Awarded after Completing All 3 Levels:


Womb Academy-
VIP Tract 

Open to 5 Women only 

Womb Academy
VIP Tract

Womb Academy
The Spiritual Design of your Cyclical Body

Limited to 5 women Only

Register Now
To Avoid Disappointments


Womb Academy Begins September 20, 2021

What do I Receive:

12 sessions:
6 Shamanic Journey Recordings
6 Live Q & A Sessions with DeAnna on Zoom

Work at your Own Pace
Recordings arrive Weekly
Listen when you can, as often as you wish

For implementing Womb Wisdom in your Life
Whether you still Cycle – or Not!

Answers to Personal Questions:
DeAnna will address personalized questions on Zoom
Bring yours, or benefit from other women’s questions

A Safe Private Online Group
Receive & Give Support,
Build Community with Women Around the World

Womb Academy Begins September 20, 2021

Is this For Me?

Womb Academy is for You


You Menstruate (regularly or not)
You suffer Symptoms OR are Symptom-Free
You’re Familiar with Embracing your Womb OR New to it


You’re in Peri-Menopause
In Menopause or Beyond


You have a Flesh & Blood Womb
Or an Etheric Womb (due to hysterectomy)

Wherever You Are on your Journey as a Woman
You can Deepen your Womb Wisdom
Live more fully Guided by your Womb
Be Part of the Global Womb Revolution
Help Usher a New Paradigm for Women & Girls around the World!

Womb Academy Begins September 20, 2021

What Transformation
Can I Expect?

Cultivate Self Care Practices –
Anchored in your Womb, Guided by your Womb

Release Cultural Negativity Lodged in your Cells
About your body, blood, femininity

Receive the Rite of Passage
you never had…

The fierce, fearless, daring aspect of yourself as Maiden
into the Woman you Became

Become a womb Activist!
Live in alignment with your Womb
Model Womb Wisdom to women & girls around you
Be the Change!

Womb Academy Begins September 20, 2021


To Enhance your Womb Empowerment
you will receive 3 deeply transforming Digital Gifts
as Free Bonuses
to accompany your journey

Bonus 1:

Red Moon – 5 Steps to Menstruation as a Spiritual Journey

Meet your Power
Dance with your Rhythms
Live in Synch with your Cycle (not at its’ mercy)
Connect with your Guidance during Menstruation
Cultivate Menstruation as a Spiritual Practice


Value: $57

Bonus 2:

A Woman’s Initiation


See any block in your life as A Portal – and MOVE Through it with Ease!
Move through obstacles in your life as Birth Canals
Usher your Juicy, Wild, True Calling
Weave A New Paradigm!


Value: $97

Bonus 3:

Access to Private
Womb Resource Page

Receive Private Access to a Treasure of Resources:
Global Womb Activation Videos with DeAnna,
and with Special Guests from around the World,
featuring Wise Women
bringing indigenous wisdom from Ethiopian, Maori, Unangan and other traditions
all gathered under one roof, on one private page
for you to explore and get inspired!

Value: $97

Total Bonuses Value:

Red Moon: 5 Steps to Menstruation as a Spiritual Journey- $57
A Woman’s Initiation – $97
Private Access to Womb Resource Page – $97

Total Bonuses your Freely Receive – $251

An EXTRA Bonus
for Acting Fast when Registration Opens:

Womb Appreciation Meditation


Grow a Living Relationship with your Womb
Deepen the connection between your Heart and your Womb
Cultivate Wisdom and Guidance from your Womb

Womb Academy Begins September 20, 2021

What Women Say…

“Working with you has offered new meaning to my life.

I look towards tomorrow with new eyes. I plan on pursuing all that you offer: any initiations, certifications, milestones, and ceremonies you offer. You are an amazing force in this world.

Words fall short for the light you are passing to me.

With all my heart, thank you!”


~ Buffy Breeden/ Red Bear
Maryville, Tennessee

“DeAnna work helped me enter into profound intimacy with myself. The mirror now reflects a new image of me: I now love myself.

I’m more empathetic, I have a better overall view of life.

I feel like a gem being polished and reflecting facets.

It is like being born, growing, and flourishing in a new spring – after a cold and dreadful winter.

Infinite thanks for your work!”

~ Montserrat C.B. Midwife. Barcelona, España

“I no longer have symptoms!
I used to have migraines, cramps, and extremely painful periods.
Now I don’t!
I have so many ANCHORS now, for my periods:
my blood-sisters, my ancestors, the moon, my relationship with my Inner Maiden.
I used to try to find all these anchors EXTERNALLY:
with my husband, my child, and things, “stuff”…
I used to GRASP for support from the Outside
now I feel Supported and Anchored from Within.”

~ Tzipora Gonzalez, clairvoyant, France

What a transformation! To come back to my body, spirit and soul… You have given me insights to connect with myself, as well as my mother and my daughter! I hope women around the world will come to experience such connection and transformation.

Thank you with all my heart!”

~ Ilke Sternberger C.L.E.
UCLA certified lactation specialist
Dona certified postpartum doula
Owner of nursery school in Los Angeles, CA

In my opinion is the most fundamental course I was ever part of.

I am much more able to feel, and respect, my own needs around being a woman, and  how to respond to them in different situations.

Working personally with DeAnna I clearly feel, and see, a new level of Self Love that came into my life, enriching every part of me.

~ Mariama Hense, Trauma Therapist
Leverkusen, Germany

“It’s evident that DeAnna’s intelligent and grounded work comes from years of self-exploration, a deep ritual life, and her lived experience of working with women.

She tells us the truth: that mothers must first do their own precious work. They need to experience their own initiation ceremonies, and to reclaim their own blood mysteries. They need to recognize their own sacred feminine, before they can welcome their daughters into authentic womanhood. DeAnna can midwife us through this process.”


~ Dianne Jenett, Ph.D. Co-Director: Women’s Spirituality Masters Program, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. Palo Alto, CA

Frequently Asked Questions:

– What is the Difference between Womb Academy & Red Tent Academy? 

Womb Academy with Class LogoWomb Academy is a Healing Journey of Empowerment
                     Read more HERE


Red Tent Academy is a Training Journey for Holding Red Tents
                     Read more HERE


– Which should I take first?

The two programs complement each other.
You are welcome to start with either one.
Taking both offers optimal benefit: personally and professionally.

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The Spiritual Design of your Cyclical Body

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Womb Academy
The Spiritual Design of your Cyclical Body

Limited to 5 women Only

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