Align with the Moon

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The Moon’s e-Course

You are Connected with the Moon
From your First Period – to the End of your Life!

Your Balance depends on Aligning with the Moon’s Expansion & Contraction, whether you Cycle regularly, Irregularly, or stopped Cycling at All!

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Align with the phases of the moon

Are you aligned with the Moon?

Do you know what phase she is in today?

Do you track her journey in the night sky?

Is your Womanhood aligned with her?


Whether you are doing any of these, or not,
your relationship with the moon can always renew and deepen…
Your womanhood can always benefit from aligning with her…

Whether you are cycling regularly with the moon,
or whether your cycles are irregular…

Whether you approach menopause,
or whether you have gone beyond it –

The Moon is a Constant in your life!

An ever expanding and contracting celestial body,
you, as a Woman, are reflected in her, and reflect her in your being…

Align your Womanhood
with the Phases of the Moon

Give yourself to the Moon within You!

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This E-Course is for You, if You:

* Cycle regularly

* Cycle irregularly

* Approach menopause, or are past it

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You Will:

* Connect with your Natural Body’s Rhythms

* Plan your life in Harmony with your Natural Rhythms

* Learn how to Dance with the Moon in your life!

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