About DeAnna

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Fondly known as 'Womb Visionary'

and recognized world expert in Menstrual Empowerment,
DeAnna helps women move from Self Sabotage to Living their Power.

Her original work, developed over 30 years, has empowered women in over 30 countries.

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Hi, I'm DeAnna

Like many women, I struggled with PMS, and for many years viewed my period as a bother and a nuisance.

In 1992 I began a personal journey toward embracing my monthly cycle, which led me to “reverse the curse!”

Having been a trained coach and facilitator at the time, I called my first Menstrual Empowerment circle in 1994. The response was overwhelming, and the journey embarked upon — profound.

In 1995 I coined the term ‘INNER MAIDEN’ as a result of recognizing the deep need in all women for soothing, healing, and reclaiming the adolescent girl within us, who may have never been welcomed into womanhood.

In Israel/Palestine, my country of origin, I helped Jewish and Palestinian women surpass political, religious, and cultural differences by deeply bonding as cycling women.

Since founding ‘Red Moon – School of Empowerment for Women & Girls’ in 1994, I have been teaching nationally and internationally, empowering women to reclaim menstruation as source of inner guidance and spiritual renewal; Coaching Moms in the art of welcoming girls into empowered womanhood, and training women to hold Red Tents in their communities.

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Love Life and Yourself in it!

The biggest struggles women share with me are:

Lack of confidence
Lack of self value
Feeling un-lovable
Dislike their body
Can’t stand up for themselves
Burnt out

Is this You?

Would you like to feel:

At ease in your body
Able to stand up for yourself

To get clarity on your next steps:

Books by DeAnna

becoming peers cover

Becoming Peers – Mentoring Girls Into Womanhood

translated into Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese

diva's guide to getting your period

A Diva’s Guide To Getting Your Period

Translated into: Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Romanian, Hebrew, and Arabic

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