Womb of Compassion

A Tri-Lingual poem ( Hebrew, Romanian, English) in praise of our Womb! When I first wrote 'My Romanian Roots' - a Tri-Lingual poem, I thought it was a one-time burst of reclaiming my roots in all three languages. To my surprise, those three tongues, which are braided in my soul, are pushing at the edges, [...]

Womb Heart

Most women have never heard the term “Womb-Heart”... I was honored and delighted to respond to Mare Cromwell's call to participate, alongside international Wisdom Keepers, in her series of Womb-Heart interviews, as part of the 1000 Goddesses Gathering. In this video Mare and I explore the Womb-Heart and I offer a Womb-Heart meditation. Enjoy! Our [...]

My Romanian Roots

After years of denial, my heart opened to embrace my Romanian roots.  I was born in Bucharest, and immigrated with my family to Israel, when I was three years old. Having endeavored, as a child, to be as Israeli as can be, I attempted to "forget" what little Romanian I knew. This was not [...]

Womb Activism

Many women around the world responded to the Womb Action call! Collectively, we offered Womb Energy to help heal a recent disaster in Leverkusen, Germany, where 3 chemical poison tanks exploded at BAYER's hazardous waste landfill on July 27, 2021. It's time to be Womb-Centered, let our Wombs unite, and make Magic Together! We held [...]

Global Womb Activation

It's Time to make our Womb Visible! We Each have a Unique Womb Print! In the same way that our finger-prints, our foot-prints, and our voice -- are all unique, so is our Womb Print one of a kind! Our Wombs are unique to us. They reflect the wellness of our body through the vibrancy [...]

Moon Guide

It is my honor and joy to be Suzanne Toro's guest on Be Simply Radio Show, exploring moon wisdom for women in these changing times, advocating ways to ground ourselves in our MoonTime, honor our Cyclicty, listen to ourselves deeply, and take our signal from within our body and womb rather than external authorities! Please [...]

Become Womb Fluent

Our Womb is Not a Foreign Language! Living with a Womb is a Cyclical Journey by Design! We can't understand our Womb by reading it Linearly. Fluidity is Non-Linear Trying to live Linearly with a Womb - is like trying to fit a Round peg into a Square hole... In the same way that Symbols [...]

What’s a Home for your Womb

You know how there are places where you immediately feel At Home, and others you don't... ? Where does Your WOMB feel most at home? For me – it is in a RED TENT! There are many ways to hold Red Tents -- as varied as the women holding them. For me – a Red [...]

Why were women labeled unclean

This is a question I'm asked a lot. After all, in ancient times women gathered in Red Tents and Moon Lodges to Rest and Renew themselves during Menstruation, and were supported and honored by their tribes. What happened? There are many explanations regarding men's fear of women's power during their MoonTime... and men's envy that [...]

Wombs of the world Unite

Our womb is a MATRIX. And all of our wombs together are the Universal Matrix! A matrix is the environment - or a context - in which something Develops and Grows, such as a society, or a Human Being... In mathematics, a matrix is an arrangement of numbers, symbols, or letters in rows and columns, [...]