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You’re invited to the Ancestors Webinar

with DeAnna Lam

Thursday, May 23

12:30pm Pacific (*)

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DeAnna is excited to share with you:

  • Why is it important to connect with our ancestors?

  • How the past informs and creates the future

  • How to feed our ancestors & nourish our soul

About DeAnna

Fondly known as ‘Womb Visionary’, DeAnna helps women love themselves unconditionally.

Born in Romania, raised in Israel, lived as an adult in the UK, and in California since 1992, DeAnna has explored and studied many spiritual traditions, among which are: Celtic, Hawaiian, and Native American. She continues to be a lifelong student of the Kabbalah.

Her spiritual quest, which begun with rejection of her ancestral lineage, brought her back to find the deepest connection in her ancestors heritage.

Fondly known as ‘Womb Visionary’, DeAnna helps women love themselves unconditionally.  

A pioneer in Menstrual Empowerment DeAnna has been teaching internationally since the early 1990’s. She has been on the leading edge of the global Red Tent Movement from its birth, and has trained women to hold Red Tents in over 30 countries.

As an emissary of inner and outer peace, DeAnna brought Menstrual Empowerment work to her country of origin, Israel, helping Jewish and Palestinian women surpass political and religious differences by deeply bonding around their shared Cyclical nature. She is author of ‘Becoming Peers – Mentoring Girls Into Womanhood’, and ‘A Diva’s Guide to Getting Your Period’. Founder of Red Moon School of Empowerment for Women & Girls; Red Tent Academy; Womb AcademyRed Tents In Every Neighborhood – Global Network; and International Red Tent Day (celebrated globally on November 8)

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