Grandmother's Shawl

Reconnect with your Lineage

Restore your Ancestors' Spiritual Traditions

A 6-Week Online Journey

Woman, Art © Claudia Tremblay2

Begins May 30

We often live as if the world started with us...

We mostly live our lives estranged from our Ancient Lineages, divorced from our Ancestral Spiritual Traditions, and disconnected from our recent-generation ancestors.

We know hardly anything about our ancient Bloodlines, and often reject ancestors of late generations because of their “Old Fashion” Ways.

No wonder we feel so alone, confused, fragmented, and un-grounded… There is no continuity for us to lean into, no rooted spiritual traditions from which we can draw, and no food for our Soul

The world did not begin with us!

And if you dig deep enough – we all have Indigenous Roots


Our Blood Lines extend back for Eons:

Our Blood Roots were planted before the dawn of history, before the beginning of time…


Each and every one of us comes from lineages that connect us to indigenous tribes, which lived close to the Earth, honored Rites of Passage, celebrated the birth of girls, their 1st Menstrual Blood, their Cycles, and their Wisdom Years.

Isn't it Time to Revive the Roots of your Bones?

You can:

  • Reclaim the Spiritual Traditions of your blood line

  • Revive the bond with your Lineage

  • Reconnect with recent & ancient Ancestors

  • Mend the broken threads of your past

  • Re-weave a living fabric to feed your soul

Our Lineage is a tightly woven Tapestry
In which Time rubbed Thread-Bare patches...

It's Time to Re-Weave the Broken Threads

We Begin May 30

Is it For Me?

If you are not connected to your Lineage, recent or ancient, you are in for a treat of discovery.

If you feel connected to your Ancestors, there are further depths to explore, and a wealth of relationship that you can Access and Build

This is for you if:

~ There was trauma in your bloodlines
~ You feel an unexplained void and emotional challenges
~ You are yearning for spiritual connection
~ You miss those who passed on
~ You seek new traditions

How Does it Work?

~ Attend 6 weekly Live Zoom sessions

~ Receive All Recordings (Yours to Keep)


~ Meetings are on Thursdays at Noon Pacific:

May 30 July 11 (no meeting July 4th)

Begins May 30

My grandmother’s shawl

Encircles my shoulders,

My grandmother’s will

Inspires my own.


The seeds of my bones

Were planted so long ago

And connect me to

my grandmother’s bones”


~ Kate Munger

Woman, Art © Claudia Tremblay2

About DeAnna

Fondly known as ‘Womb Visionary’, DeAnna helps women love themselves unconditionally.

Her original work is focused on helping women tap into their womb as source of spiritual renewal & guidance, moving from self judgment to self acceptance.

A pioneer in Menstrual Empowerment DeAnna has been teaching internationally since the early 1990’s. She has been on the leading edge of the global Red Tent Movement from its birth, and has trained women to hold Red Tents in over 30 countries.

DeAnna L'am,Sacramento,HiRez,Large

Born in Romania, raised in Israel, trained in the U.K. and U.S.A. (where she lives) DeAnna brings cross-cultural flavors and insights to her work, developed over three decades.

As an emissary of inner and outer peace, DeAnna brought Menstrual Empowerment work to her country of origin, Israel, helping Jewish and Palestinian women surpass political and religious differences by deeply bonding around their shared Cyclical nature.

She is author of ‘Becoming Peers – Mentoring Girls Into Womanhood’, and ‘A Diva’s Guide to Getting Your Period’. Founder of Red Moon School of Empowerment for Women & Girls; Red Tent Academy; Womb AcademyRed Tents In Every Neighborhood – Global Network; and International Red Tent Day (celebrated globally on November 8)

What would I Experience?

Module 1:

~ Your Indigenous Roots

~ Your Maternal Lineage

~ Soothing the Mother Wound

Woman, ancestors, Art by Diana Solis

Module 2:

Woman, Art - Fiery Dance by Vladimir Kush

~ Your Ancient Ancestors

~ Your Paternal Lineage

~ Soothing the Father Wound

Module 3:

~ Your Spirit Guide

~ Accessing Support from your Bloodlines

~ Soothing your Lineage Wound

Woman, ancestors, art by Ellen Uytewaal Credit

Module 4:

~ Linking your Ancestors to Future Generations

~ Braking the Chain of Pain

~ Creating New Traditions & Reviving Old Ones

Module 5:

~ Delving into our Roots to Take Flight

~ Earth, Fire, Water, Air as Ancestral Forces

~ Giving Voice to Strands that Enrich the Whole

Module 6:

Woman, art by Darcy Lee Art,450x590

~ Feeding our Ancestors

~ The Feast of Generations

~ Weaving your Lineage into your Life

Begins May 30

Heart Words from Around the World

“I cannot say how much gratitude I feel for being able to embark on this journey with your sacred guidance, DeAnna.
I bow to you because I feel the ancestors and the Great Mother speaking through you.
I am without words about the depth of your work, facilitating these journeys and holding space, with empathy, patience, and compassion. So sacred. I am deeply touched and moved. It's precious.
I feel so humble right now, and infinitely grateful that I have the opportunity to work with you.
I can't wait for the next session.”
~ Annette, Germany
“Working personally with DeAnna I clearly feel and see a new level of Self Love that came into my life, enriching every part of me. This is the most fundamental work I've ever been a part of.”
~ Mariama Hense,
Trauma Counselor, Germany
“I own my power now!
I'm ready to be myself and show it to the world. I have the strength now to take my vision into the world, to act as my heart shows me.”
~ G.B.
Midwife, Italy
“What I have gained is more valuable then I can put in words. The healing I received is subtle, profound and powerful beyond measure. The quality of my life has changed. I am comfortable in my body. I have greater love and respect for myself, I have made peace with my past and my relationships have improved.”
~ Monet Brooks,
Spiritual Teacher, Medical Intuitive
“Our time felt very powerful. I sense a deeper inner peace, I feel grounded and I can see clearly now.
Thank you for your presence and in-tuning to the energy and spirit realms, to facilitate the journey. 
Much gratitude, 
~ Charlotte Douglas,
Musician, New York, USA
"Strength, courage, love, talents, and interests came back to my life. I'm happy to be alive again."
~ K. S.
Vienna, Austria
"I am forever changed by the experience with you!
I connected with long-ago parts of myself, with which I’d been thirsty to connect. I am called to be more of the woman that I already am, in a greater way than I knew possible!
~ Amy Mansfield Weinberg,
mother and counselor, Sacramento, CA
What a transformation! To come back to my body, spirit and soul… You have given me insights to connect with myself, as well as my mother and my daughter! I hope women around the world experience such connection and transformation!”
~ Ilke Sternberger,
UCLA certified lactation specialist, Dona certified postpartum doula, Owner of nursery school in Los Angeles, CA
“Even tough I only had two sessions, it changed my life!
I was having severe PMS symptoms, severe pain, heavy bleeding every month. Immediately after the session my symptoms stopped.
Only occasionally since then do I experience severe pain and it always goes away with the self-love you taught me.
I can only imagine the blocks I can get through now by completing the course.
~ Willow Sophia,
San Diego, CA

Begins May 30

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“I was deeply touched being a VIP Member of the Red Tent Academy. Working personally with DeAnna I clearly feel and see a new level of Self Love that came into my life, enriching every part of me.

The Red Tent Academy is the most fundamental course I've ever been a part of.”
Mariama Hense
Trauma Counselor, Germany

Limited to 5 Women

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