Beyond Grief:

Release the Spirit of your
Departed Mother



Grief can have a powerful strong-hold...

And can be a powerful cleanser...

Grief after the death of a Mother
is deep,
and appropriate...


The woman that gave birth to you (or adopted you),
who raised you, who loved you,
who may have been at odds or in conflict with you --
is a strong presence in your life,
regardless of the relationship you had...

When a mother dies, her strong presence doesn't just disappear.
And the emotions we felt as girls surface... All of them:
The good, the painful, the outrageous, the tender, the laughter, the tears, the yearning...

Yes, the yearning always stays...

In this recording I invite you to take a journey through all the facets of your relations with your mother, and to let her spirit Fly Free...



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This E-Course is for You, if You:

* Lost your mother recently, or long ago

* Meet the grief of loss - often or rarely 

* Are ready to Make Peace with the Mother within You

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You Will:

* Cultivate a relationship with the spirit of your departed mother

* Make Peace with the Mother you had as a young Girl

* Cultivate your Inner Mother 

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