Beyond Grief

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Beyond Grief:

Release the Spirit of your
Departed Mother



Grief can have a powerful strong-hold…

And can be a powerful cleanser…

Grief after the death of a Mother
is deep,
and appropriate…

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Beyond Grief:
Release the Spirit of your
Departed Mother e-Course


The woman that gave birth to you (or adopted you),
who raised you, who loved you,
who may have been at odds or in conflict with you —
is a strong presence in your life,
regardless of the relationship you had…

When a mother dies, her strong presence doesn’t just disappear.
And the emotions we felt as girls surface… All of them:
The good, the painful, the outrageous, the tender, the laughter, the tears, the yearning…
Yes, the yearning always stays…

In this recording I invite you to take a journey through all the facets of your relations with your mother, and to let her spirit Fly Free…



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This E-Course is for You, if You:

* Lost your mother recently, or long ago

* Meet the grief of loss – often or rarely

* Are ready to Make Peace with the Mother within You

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You Will:

* Cultivate a relationship with the spirit of your departed mother

* Make Peace with the Mother you had as a young Girl

* Cultivate your Inner Mother

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