Cleanse old toxins,

Renew in the Waters of Life



Life is an exchange.

We take in foods, impressions,
experiences, and emotions.

We digest them,

are nourished by some,

and we release those that don't serves us.

Often, that which doesn't serve us lingers inside...


We carry Old Toxins from childhood, from other people's expectations, conflicts, hard feelings... We often carry our own disappointments, unfulfilled expectations, broken dreams or a broken heart...

It's time to let go... It's time to release the dead-weight that we no longer need, that doesn't serve our growth, that weights us down...

The Waters of Life are the Great Cleansers.
With the gifts of Fluidity, Renewal, Regeneration, and Purification –
the element of Water is ever present, always flowing,
always ready to let you immerse in it
and come out refreshed, renewed, reborn...

Let yourself soak in the Waters of Life,
and emerge Rejuvenated!



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This E-Course is for You, if You: 

* Feel stagnant and in need of Renewal

* Feel weighted down by physical or emotional toxins

* Are ready for a Spiritual Make-Over 

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You Will:

* Cleanse and Wash Away toxins 

* Make Water your Ally

* Refresh your Emotional and Spiritual Being

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