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Your womb is much more than a physical organ!

It is your Secret Spiritual Guide,
Your Hidden Compass,
The Map of your True Calling!

If your Womb is in pain,
Struggling with symptoms,
Screaming at you monthly:
It needs your Attention –
Not medication!

I’d like to Help you Love your Womb into Wellness!

PMS & Womb wellness
Menstruation upheaval
(physical or emotional)
Conception challenges
Peri-Menopause or Menopause symptoms
(before or after)

Reclaim your Womb as a Source of Power at Any age!

Receive Guidance from your Womb

Unlock the Spiritual Power of your Cycle
Embody Womb Power in your Wisdom Years!

Working One-on-One

You receive the Deepest Transformation:

Sessions are Tailored to your Personal Needs

And Help you Get where you Want to Be!

Long-Distance Sessions
from anywhere in the World:

Hi, I’m DeAnna. Like many women, I struggled with PMS and for many years viewed my period as a bother and a nuisance.

In 1992 I began a personal journey toward embracing my monthly cycle, which led me to “reverse the curse!”

Having already been a trained coach and facilitator at the time, I called my first Menstrual Empowerment circle in 1994. The response was overwhelming, and the journey embarked upon — profound.

Mexico, movement with Monica P Home T- CROPPED, 400x550In 1995 I coined the term ‘INNER MAIDEN’
as a result of recognizing the deep need in all women
for soothing, healing, and reclaiming the adolescent girl within, who may have never been welcomed into womanhood.
In Israel/ Palestine, my country of origin, I helped Jewish and Palestinian women surpass political, religious, and cultural differences
by deeply bonding as cycling women.


Red Moon School of Empowerment

Since founding ‘Red Moon – School of Empowerment for Women & Girls’ in 1994, I have been teaching nationally and internationally,cempowering women to reclaim menstruation
as source of inner guidance and spiritual renewal; Coaching Moms in the art of welcoming their daughters into empowered womanhood,cand training women to hold Red Tents in their communities.



I have authored: ‘Becoming Peers – Mentoring Girls Into Womanhood’(translated into Italian, German, and Portuguese) and ‘A Diva’s Guide To Getting Your Period’ (translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Romanian, Hebrew and Arabic) 

Menopause Gateway

After I moved through my own Menopause Initiation – I founded Purple Moon – Menopause as a Spiritual Journey and continue to offer workshops and inspiration to women worldwide, on the journey from our Menstruating yours to Menopause and beyond.


  Raves from Around the World:

“I had never felt good about being female and for the past 10 years have experienced extreme, debilitating menstrual pain. Having tried dietary changes, orthodox medicine and natural therapies with little improvement, I started searching for those who celebrated womanhood and our cycles – this led me to DeAnna L’am.

We have now been working together for three months and during my last two moon times I have taken only five anti-inflammatory tablets, when I used to take up to 20 – a significant decrease.

DeAnna’s work resonated with me at a core level and I have totally turned around my perception of my body, my flow and my spirituality. I now feel myself to be a blessed and beautiful woman. I am grateful.”

~ S.M., Australia


“I am forever changed by the experience of the Red Moon event!
I connected with a long-ago part of myself, with which I’d been thirsty to connect. Since the workshop, I have been called to be more of the woman that I already am, and in greater ways than I knew possible!

This workshop is a multi-dimensional way to call forth your youthful spirit, and harvest the gifts that are still available to you as a woman on this earth.”

~ Amy Mansfield Weinberg, mother and counselor, Sacramento, CA


“What a transformation! To come back to my body, spirit and soul… You have given me insights to connect with myself, as well as my mother and my daughter! I hope women around the world will come to experience such connection and transformation.

Thank you with all my heart!”

~ Ilke Sternberger C.L.E.
UCLA certified lactation specialist
Dona certified postpartum doula
Owner of nursery school in Los Angeles, CA


“When I started my work with DeAnna I was scared, unsure, and not believing in myself. Through dedication, and the inspiration from what I was learning, I am walking away after 12 weeks with self-awareness, inner harmony, and love. Thank you!”

~ Jennifer Patterson, Vermont


“Thank you so much for this class and for your teachings!  I got so much out of it, in fact – it was just what I needed. Thanks for helping me find the final pieces to my maiden story. I honor your skill, mastery, and loving commitment.”

~ H.M. Life Coach, Massachusetts