About Red Tents – What Is a Red Tent? How Do I Start a Red Tent?

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A RED TENT is a place where You Can BE Instead of always DO, DO, DO...

Every cycling woman knows the deep yearning for quietude during her Flow time:

Every ounce of your body and soul calls for rest, while the culture calls you to keep going, no matter what!

Having a Red Tent to go to, monthly, when you flow – will help you:

  • Live & Work in Harmony with your Cycle (rather than be at its mercy!)
  • Grow your Intuition & live by your Inner Guidance
  • Welcome Girls to Empowered Womanhood


This will Change your Life Profoundly,
Change the Lives of those Around You,
and Ultimately Change the World!

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In order to Awaken to your Inner Guidance,

And to Fully Live your Highest Potential –

DeAnna Created 3 Levels of Training:

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Level #1

You Can Start A Red Tent Right Now:

Get the Red Tent HOST MANUAL
& Become A Global Network Member

~ Ahora en español!


Designed to help any woman who wishes to start a RED TENT in her community, where she herself is nurtured, renewed, and replenished monthly, and where other women gather to give and receive…

DeAnna wrote 2 Red Tent Host Manuals to help you open a Sisterhood Red Tent in YOUR community – even if you never held one, or have no experience hosting women’s groups!

The Red Tent Host Manuals teach women how to hold Sisterhood Red Tents in their communities in a Collaborative Model to prevent burn out, and to receive as much as they give (if not more!)

The Two Manuals are:

~ Red Tent Host Manual – for WOMEN of ALL AGES – Click Here

~ Red Tent Host Manual – for WOMEN & GIRLSClick Here

~ BOTH Manuals at 30% OFF Click Here

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En español:

Carpas Rojas Manual de la Anfitriona – Clickea aquí

Carpas Rojas para Mujeres y Niñas – Manual de la Anfitriona Clickea aquí

Obtener ambos manuales en 30% de descuento – Clickea aquí

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Level # 2

Red Tent Activation Workshops:

First – Get Activated


A Female Initiation experience that will transform and elevate you to the next level of your womanhood.

Under the silence of your first MoonTime, under cultural taboos, under the lack of welcoming into womanhood –
lies your Coming Of Age treasure:
Your spontaneity, fearlessness, daring, creativity, courage…
It’s never too late to reclaim them!

Receiving the Ceremony you never had as a girl —
Will help you retrieve the treasures
buried inside you for years,
Will release the flowering forces
that were interrupted when you came of age,
And will allow them to finally Blossom and Shine!

Then – Become An Activator

Red Tent Activations

The Dalai Lama said:
“The World Will Be Saved by Western Women” —
This is your opportunity to be part of the change!

Please don’t stop after receiving your Red Tent Initiation Ceremony, but take the next step: Become an Activator!
Get certified to offer the Red Tent Activation Workshops to women in your community, and support yourself financially with this meaningful work, while becoming part of a Global Movement dedicated to having Red Tents In Every Neighborhood!


Click HERE to find a Red Tent Activation near You!



Organize a RED TENT Activation
in your community
And –
Participate for FREE
In exchange for organizing!

Available Workshops:
~ Red Tent Activation
~ Loving Ourselves Unconditionally
~ Reverse The Curse!

Click HERE to Inquire!

To make it easy to promote workshops with DeAnna L’am –
we provided flyers and information:

Click here to see resources for events planners,
which will make hosting DeAnna easy to promote

DeAnna would also be delighted to create a custom presentation for your school, organization or special event – upon request!

Level # 3

Become A Certified

Inner Maiden Healing Facilitator

Today there are certified Inner Maiden facilitators in
Spain, Israel, Germany, Italy, France, Canada, and the U.S.A

Inner Maiden Certificate Training

This is DeAnna’s Most In-Depth Training

Click Here to Learn More!

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The time is Now:
The Red Tent Consciousness is spreading like sunrise
all over the world!

Be part of the New Paradigm –
It’s about You, it’s about Us,
It’s about Time!

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Spanish, Europe


International RED TENT Day:

November 8, YEARLY

Please Share:


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How Did It All Start?

I have called my first Menstrual Empowerment circle in California in 1993.
Many rivers have flown from our wombs since that first profound experience…

In Israel/ Palestine, my country of origin, I helped Jewish and Palestinian women surpass political, religious, and cultural differences by deeply bonding as cycling women.

All of us have been girls once, and we have mostly been fed a diet of negativity about menstruation, from a very young age (regardless of our culture).

As a result most adult women loath their period, referring to it as “bother,” “nuisance,” or “the curse.”

Additionally, the girl coming-of-age inside each woman, who may have never been welcomed into womanhood,
is still left hanging, often embarrassed or ashamed, unable to blossom and add her unique qualities to the woman you became.

In recognition of her plight,
I coined the term ‘Inner Maiden’ in 1995,
to describe the last unseen part within every woman,
who holds the key to her wholeness.

Since then I have been traveling the world,
offering workshops to heal our Inner Maiden,
and training women to facilitate this work in their communities.

Join Us to Heal the World!

For your Biggest Transformation


Soul Readings - Hear Clarity-book

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Why is the ‘Red Tent’ such a phenomenon?

It seems that women around the world are touched to their core by this story of the biblical Hebrew tribe of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, told through the lens and voice of its women.

At the center of these women’s experience is the “Red Tent”:
a space set apart from the hustle and bustle of daily life,
where women go to when they menstruate, or get ready to give birth.

This is a place where women are allowed to Be rather than continually Do…

The ‘Red Tent’, ‘Moon Hut’, or ‘Moon Lodge’, as they were known in indigenous cultures around the world, was a place of respite for women of old.

Much more of a fictional novel, “The Red Tent” by Anita Dimant evokes in women a cellular memory of an experience we all shared, for millenniums, around the globe.
Once awakened, this memory becomes a need, a yearning, a birthright…

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Photo credits:

~ Altar photo taken by Sophia Style – certified Inner Maiden Healing Facilitator, during workshop in Vienna, Austria – July 2011
~ Circle of Hands photo taken by Giordana Boscato – certified Inner Maiden Healing Facilitator, during workshop in Merano, Italy – July 2013

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