A Diva’s Guide

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I wish I had this available
for my Coming of Age…

But having it available for today’s girls
is the next best thing!!!

diva's guide to getting your period

What if…

Before you got your first period your Mom not only
talked openly about it, but was excited for you?

What if…

When you got your first period you felt prepared
and empowered?

It’s NEVER too late for You
Or too early for Her!

Here is a Nurturing Balm
for your Inner Girl

And for the Girl in your life!

A while ago I was approached by Jessica Jarman-Hayes, a fabulous young artist, who asked me to write a booklet for a First Period Kit she was creating.

Little did I know, when I excitedly accepted, how talented this young lady was!

The result is a full color, stunningly beautiful booklet, which far exceeded my expectations!

It was a joy to write, and an honor to have it be part of an empowering First Period Kit!

What a delight to have it for celebrating a loved-one’s arrival into the sacred cycle of womanhood.

Table of Contents:

DIVA-Your-Body-Is-Sacred– What does it mean to be a woman?
– Is our blood really gross??? What is menstruation?
– What to expect?
– Every woman cycles
– Why is menstruation powerful?
– Your body is sacred
– Pregnancy (This is how you can get pregnant)
DIVA-BEING-A-WOMEN– How to mark your monthly flow
– Alternative menstrual products
– Resources

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Diva’s Guide

Girls’ Own Experiences:

“I gave my daughter the Diva’s Guide To Getting Your Period. Prior to that she showed shyness and awkwardness at the topic when I raised it. On giving her the book she devoured it and came excitedly to me to share her thoughts, insights and pleasures from it!

~ Annette, Mother of Ginger (11 years old), Brisbane, Australia


“I gave the Diva’s Guide to my neighbor as a gift, for her 11 years old daughter. Interestingly, the girl got her 1st period a couple of weeks later! She was scheduled to go to a sleepover with all the girls in her class. She decided to take the Diva Guide with her, and the girls all took turns reading it out loud to each other!”

~ Limor Brief, Translator of the Diva Guide into Hebrew, Haifa, Israel


“I’m so grateful for you book ‘Le Fil Rouge’. I bought it for my daughters. I wish I could travel to the past to offer it to myself!
I hope my daughters will listen their body more than I did. This book is a treasure for me, for her! Thanks a lot!”

~ Caroline, France


“I immediately read your Diva’s Guide because I was so excited!

You write so beautifully and in such an empowering way.

I really appreciate being able to pass your wisdom and knowledge onto my daughter, and help her prepare for womanhood using your advice in Becoming Peers.

You are doing incredible, radical, culture-changing work.

I’m so grateful for it.

~ Lisa Young, Unschooling Mama, Auckland, Aotearoa/New Zealand

When I wrote the Diva’s Guide to Getting Your Period I didn’t imagine how far it will travel…
It’s an honor and a joy to see it connecting women and inspiring girls around the world to transition into empowered womanhood.
In Israel/Palestine where blood is shed in vain, the book in Hebrew & Arabic points to our unity as women, to our menstrual blood as the only blood that flows in order to give life, bonding us as cyclical beings across all differences.

Now Available Only in Digital Version

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– In German –


The Diva Guide was translated into German by Stefanie Miosga, with illustrations by Serena Capello.

– A Diva’s Guide, German version

In Italian –


The Diva Guide was translated into Italian by Giordana Boscato, illustrated by Serena Capello, and published by Anguana Edizioni

– A Diva’s Guide Italian Version

– In Spanish –


The Diva Guide was translated into Spanish by Elena Sofía Zambrano, and illustrated by Juan Francisco Zapata.

~ Mexico: 

Distributed in Mexico & Latin America by Ana Gabriela Robles

– Digital Download Click Here

~ Chile:


Distributed throughout Latin America by Karenina Villagrán Pons

– Hard copy available HERE

– Digital Download available HERE

– In Portuguese –


The Diva Guide was translated into Portuguese by Taty Guesdes-Vairagya,

 illustrated by Juliaro Arte, and produced by Danielle Felippe 

– A Diva’s Guide Portuguese Version

– In French –


The Diva Guide was translated into French, edited, published and distributed by Blandine Swyngedauw

and illustrated by Marie Nanouk

– A Diva’s Guide French version

– In Hebrew –


The Diva Guide was translated into Hebrew by Limor Brief, with Cover art by Dina Argov, and illustrations by Naomi Havilio

– A Diva’s Guide – Hebrew version

– In Arabic –


The Diva Guide was translated into Arabic by Hiba Shream Salman,

with cover art and illustrations by Linda Taha

– A Diva’s Guide – Arabic Version click HERE to purchase 

– In Romanian –


The Diva Guide was translated into Romanian by Ina Curic

and illustrated by Ana Maria Zaharia

– A Diva’s Guide Romanian version

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