Heart and Womb: our Left and Right Brains

We constantly talk about returning to our Heart, seldom about returning to our womb. Why? Maybe because our heart functions like the Left Brain to our womb, which runs like our Right Brain. Or put differently: our heart is Solar, and our womb Lunar. Our heart acts as the Sun in our inner realm. Or [...]

Our Womb is Not a public Dump Ground!

Have you visited your local dump ground lately? The various local dump grounds are typically out-of-sight out-of-mind places, which we don't even want to think about. Probably because they are environmental disasters, full of junk that will never decompose, or return to the Earth. This sounds dangerously like what is happening in our Wombs! How [...]

“Filthy” during our period?

A brave sister from Tunisia wrote: “In Islam we are not allowed to pray during our periods... not even alone... we are considered filthy...” This painful comment was posted during a live broadcast conversation about the sacredness of our MoonTime, with my guest Jasmin Starrchild. Islam is but one example for this conviction. Judaism, too, [...]

Become Womb Fluent!

What does 'Fluent' mean? The dictionary defines it as: “The ability to speak or write a particular foreign language easily and accurately. From the Latin 'Fluentem' meaning To Flow.” How interesting that Fluency is achieved of a 'foreign' language, and the Womb, indeed, is a Foreign Language for most who grew up in today's cultures. [...]

Period Love

Watch my interview with Jamie Watkins - Creator of Period Love - An invitation for women to remember the magic and mystery of being divinely cyclical  Click on the Video to watch After nearly 15 years in a television marketing career -- that wasn’t in alignment with her soul – Jamie’s body ultimately declared it [...]

A Red Tent Year

A Red Tent is a soulful place of meaning. Regardless of the state of the world, we derive true meaning from Within, and from significant others. What have kept you going in 2020, when everything went into chaos? For me it was a sense of a calling, a mission, to keep weaving global sisterhood among [...]

MoonTime Wisdom from Ethiopia – Part 2

A treasure of stories from an Ethiopian living tradition of the Women's House with Aveva Bat Mahari. Hebrew with English Subtitles How was it to go to the Women's House every month, from your first period? To share monthly time with women in your village? To have a secret language? Aveva generously shares her memories [...]

Coming of Age Secrets from your Grandmother

“Grandma, I don't remember what it's like in the Red Tent...” At age 5 or 6 you only vaguely remember your sister's Coming of Age ceremony. There were soft flowing veils in many shades of red... your Mom and sisters all dressed in red, but... what did you do there...? “You know, child” grandma says [...]

Red Tent Wisdom: Susun Weed

Red Tents, Moon Lodges, and Herbs to Nourish your Womb: watch my interview with Susun Weed   Susun Weed is a powerful presence, with an encyclopedic knowledge of herbs and health, Susun is the voice of the Wise Woman Way! Learn about how your life might have been different if you had a place where [...]

Red Tent Secrets from your Grandmother

- “Why can't I go to the Red Tent too? Why can Mayra and Shelly go, and not me? It's not fair!” At 5 or 6 years of age you weren't very patient, and you demanded an answer. You couldn't understand how come your grandmother, who told you about Moon Magic and about being a [...]