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Did You Know:
Menopause Symptoms Are Not A Requirement!

If you are suffering Hot Flashes, Mood Swings,
or any other Menopause Symptoms –
you are in the Right place!

You don’t have to suffer…
Menopause is a Spiritual Journey!

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Menopause is a journey of transformation.
A gateway into our Wisdom Years

Painfully misunderstood, menopause is subject to cultural contempt, taboos, and medicalization.
It is time to reclaim its depth of meaning, its empowering gifts, and its invitation: to grow beyond our cyclical horizons.

Whether Menopause is on your horizon, in your immediate experience, or behind you –
it’s time to re-frame how you hold the experience, and yourself – as a Wise Woman!

Meet the Intensity with Fierceness
and Birth your Wise Self!

Yes, The journey is Intense,
but it Doesn’t Have to be Painful!

I will Hold your Hand on this Journey
to Becoming the QUEEN of your REALM! 

I’d like to offer you
A place to sit in your Wisdom Years:

The RED TENT – is for Women of ALL Ages

You’re Invited to
A place to sit in your Wisdom Years:

This is a Revolutionary view of Menopause as a journey of Transformation and Empowerment

Peri-Menopause is
a Birth Canal,

Menopause is a Gateway:

Birth Yourself into your Wisdom Years!  


During our Cyclical years we develop many habits
We become attached to what’s familiar
We develop an identity, a direction, a sense of Ourselves

Menopause will Strip off any Excess

It will Question your Convictions

It will Shake your Sense of SELF 

Menopause can come like an EARTH QUAKE,
Or like a RIVER…

Which  Would You Prefer?

If Menopause is on the Horizon – this is for you!
It’s time to PREPARE

If you’re on the Menopausal Road – this is Definitely for you!
It’s time to PRACTICE

If you No Longer Bleed – this is Your REALM
It’s time to Take your Place as A WISE WOMAN!

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Are you Ready to Learn How To:

• Create a ROAD MAP for your WISDOM YEARS

• LIBERATE yourself from limiting habits

• Create your Wise Woman Ceremony

• Step into Leadership

• Become the QUEEN OF YOUR LIFE!

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Menopause Wellness

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End Menopause Symptoms
Release Emotional & Physical Pain in Peri-Menopause or Menopause
Reclaim your Wise Woman Phase

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