Womanhood is a Spiritual Journey!

Menstruation and Menopause

– both Cultural Taboos –

Are In Fact Spiritual Journeys…

Learn How to Cultivate them

As Your Spiritual Practice

This will Change your Life Profoundly,
Change the Lives of those Around You,
and Ultimately Change the World!


A Native American saying goes:

On your first bleed – you MEET your power
During your Bleeding years – you PRACTICE your power
At Menopause – you BECOME your POWER!


Learn How to Practice your Power and Embody it

from Menstruation to Menopause:


~ Connect with your Guidance during Menstruation

~ Meet your Power  

~ Live in Synch with your Cycle (not at its’ mercy)

~ Dance with your Rhythms

~ Cultivate Menstruation as a Spiritual Practice


~ Create a ROAD MAP for your WISDOM YEARS

~ LIBERATE yourself from limiting habits

~ Create your Ceremony

~ Step into Leadership

~ Become the QUEEN OF YOUR LIFE!


Menstruation and Menopause E-Courses

Hold your Hand as you Cultivate a Spiritual Practice

For your Phase of Womanhood,

and for the years to come…


MENSTRUATION as a Spiritual Journey

Order of Sessions:

1) When the Veil between the Worlds Thins…

Reclaim Ancient Wisdom ~ Discover Spiritual Aspects of Menstruation ~ Cultivate A Spiritual Practice

2) Meet your Power

Reclaim your Inner Power ~ Gather Strength from your Cycle ~ Make Menstruation your Ally

3) Nourish your Soul 

Feed your Longing ~ Cultivate Soul Practice ~ Renew Yourself Monthly

4) Dance the Full Circle

Learn to Embrace your Fear ~ Discover Treasures in the Dark ~ Live your Womb Inspiration

5) Celebrate Menstruation as a Spiritual Practice

Re-define your Spiritual Practice ~ Menstruation as a Bond between Women ~ Celebrate your Womanhood!


MENOPAUSE as a Spiritual Journey


Order of Sessions:

1) Create a Road Map ~ Set Intentions ~ See into the Future

2) Ride the Fires ~ Swim the Rivers ~ Ground into Earth ~ Fly on Air Waves

3) Become the Queen of your Realm ~ Sovereignty and Self Determination ~ Govern your Inner Realms

4) The Inner Marriage ~ Cyclicity and Linearity ~ Weave Integration

5) Your own Ceremony ~ From Personal to Global ~ Leadership for a New Paradigm:
Mothering the World


Women Rave – around the World:

Top-Scroll-Image-Lg Are you Ready
To Make Womanhood your Spiritual Practice?


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Menopause as a Spiritual Journey



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