The deepening friendship
Between you and your daughter...

The closeness that comes
From sharing experiences of
Being Female...

Many mothers ask me how to start talking with their girls
about their changing body, about menstruation, about becoming a woman...
Since most of us received less than a welcoming conversation from our own mothers, we find we have nowhere within ourselves
to draw models from.

I'd like to offer you
A Treasure Box
For you and your girl
To open together!

One for You & One for Her:

A Divas Guide to Getting Your Period by Deanna Lam

becoming peers cover

A Diva’s Guide
To Getting Your Period
By DeAnna L’am
Art by Jessica Jarman-Hayes

Becoming Peers
Mentoring Girls Into Womanhood
by DeAnna L'am

Becoming Peers -

Is a Practical Guide for Mothers, or any woman wishing to
nurture a girl through her Coming of Age,
while empowering herself!

A Diva's Guide -

Is an artsy, beautiful, full color booklet for Tween & Teen girls.
A delight to any girl approaching puberty, or already there,
to prepare, inform, and empower her on her journey to womanhood.

Girls’ Own Experiences:

“I gave my daughter the Diva’s Guide To Getting Your Period. Prior to that she showed shyness and awkwardness at the topic when I raised it. On giving her the book she devoured it and came excitedly to me to share her thoughts, insights and pleasures from it!

~ Annette, Mother of Ginger (11 years old), Brisbane, Australia

“I gave the Diva’s Guide to my neighbor as a gift, for her 11 years old daughter. Interestingly, the girl got her 1st period a couple of weeks later! She was scheduled to go to a sleepover with all the girls in her class. She decided to take the Diva Guide with her, and the girls all took turns reading it out loud to each other!”

~ Limor Brief, Translator of the Diva Guide into Hebrew, Haifa, Israel

“I immediately read your Diva's Guide because I was so excited!

You write so beautifully and in such an empowering way.

I really appreciate being able to pass your wisdom and knowledge onto my daughter, and help her prepare for womanhood using your advice in Becoming Peers.

You are doing incredible, radical, culture-changing work.

I'm so grateful for it.

~ Lisa Young, Unschooling Mama, Auckland, Aotearoa/New Zealand

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