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If you are a Mom, Step-Mom, Grandma, Aunt, Or a Woman with a very Special Girl in your life — This is for you!

~ Do you feel awkward discussing periods and sexuality with your girl? ~ Are you stumped by her changing behavior? ~ Do you feel she is growing up faster than you can catch up?

Would you like to feel calm, confident, and skilled, as you navigate your girl’s adolescence?

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Are You A Mother

Dear sister,


Yes, actually stop and breathe, despite any concern about your girl’s rapid growing up.

Most Moms are terrified when it comes to talking with their girls about menstruation, sexuality, and becoming women. In addition, they are perplexed about their girls’ new emotional intensity and changing behaviors.When you think of your girl’s transforming body
and emotions, do you find yourself feeling:
~ Anxious… Downright have-no-clue what to say that will sound good and wouldn’t scare her off?
~ Tense about having to give her “the Talk”, hoping someone else (a teacher, a nurse, anyone) will do it, so you don’t have to?
~ Alone and un-equipped to deal with these momentous changes? Many Moms are in the same boat,
but this doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable sail…

You can feel capable and self-assured
navigating both choppy & quiet waters!


My name is DeAnna L’am, and my own coming-of-age, probably like yours, lacked in warmth or empowerment. In 1992 I began a personal journey toward embracing my monthly cycle, which led me to “reverse the curse!” I learned how to use my cycle to access my intuition as a reliable guide, and grown empowered, and in-charge of my life, in a bigger way than I ever experienced before. This was both exciting and enlightening.

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I Committed myself to learning everything I could about What Girls Need!

Here is the Hear of my findings:

* We can not give our daughters what we didn’t receive!

* The key is in Making Peace with our own Adolescence

* This becomes the Spring Board to empowering our girls
with ease, confidence, and joy!!

Over the past 30 years – I’ve developed a series of Tools to:

~ EMPOWER you to talk confidently about Coming-Of-Age with your girl

~ SHIFT your mindset from dread to ease

~ COMMUNICATE authentically to create life-long friendship with your girl


I’d like to offer you Tools & Experiences that are inspiring, fun, and age-appropriate, to Help you feel Calm and Competent when Steering the Coming-Of-Age Wheel!

This is what is Possible:

~ Feel Peace about the girl You once were
~ Deeply Understand what your girl is feeling
~ Competently Discuss any topic with your girl
~ Have a Tool Kit for the Coming-Of-Age journey
~ Experience Ease going into the TEEN years

Resources for Mothers

RT ACADEMY SQUARE Womb Academy with Class Logo Long Distance Womb Power Sessions, long Red-Tent-Host-Manual-for-Women-and-Girls How to Talk with Your Girl Red-Tent-Manuals-Discount-Package-w-spanish A-Divas-Guide-to-Getting-Your-Period-ecourse Red-Tent-Host-Manual---English RED MOON 5 Steps to Menstruation as Spiritual Journey

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Hard Copy Books:

Becoming-Peers-Mentoring-Girls-into-Womanhood A-Divas-Guide-to-Getting-Your-Period mother-daughter-care-package


Coaching and Training:

long-distance-coaching-with-deannalam Soul Readings - Hear Clarity-book red-moon-school-of-empowerment-innermaiden-healing

ORGANIZE A Mother-Daughter Workshop in your community

And –
Participate for FREE In exchange for organizing!

Topics Include:

~ Our daughters, Ourselves
~ Inspiring Adolescent Girls to Love Themselves
~ Red Tent retreats
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Inspiring and transformative Tele-Classes offered periodically.

Check regularly for updates!

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HERE’S WHAT PAST CLIENTS SAY:“I felt like I was sitting by a fire with a cup of tea and a wonderful, nurturing mentor who was giving me loving guidance
on how to guide a young girl into womanhood with a sure and loving hand.
What a relief! I feel like the field of possibilities has opened up, and allowed ease around communicating with my daughter. Your work is so powerful and so needed at this time. I really thank you for this.”~ Judy Kitt, mother of an 8 year old girl
Mountain View, CA

“It made my relationship with my Mom better!”

“The workshop made me feel closer to my Mom, getting to know her thoughts and feelings.”

“I feel like I’ve taken the first step in speaking to my daughter as a young woman!”

“I have known most of the mothers in my daughter’s class for many years, but in DeAnna’s workshop my connection to them became much stronger because of the depth of sharing that happened between us. I believe it is because of DeAnna’s powerful holding of the group that allows for this level of trust. She is wonderful at creating safe and sacred spaces so that women can share honestly. When DeAnna worked with both mothers and daughters of our 6th grade class, it was lots of fun. Although the girls were hesitant at first, by the end none of them wanted to leave.”