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ADVANCED Red Tent Academy helps you

Move from Competition to Collaboration:

A 6-Weeks Online ADVANCED Certification Course
designed to
Take Red Tent Leaders to the Next Level

Open ONLY to:
~ Red Tent Academy Graduates
~ Red Tent Activators

What is ADVANCED Red Tent Academy?

I believe that Peacemaking is the Cutting Edge of our Red Tent Movement,
and the World needs you as Red Tent Keeper and Peacemaker!

Go to the Next Level: Learn & practice Peacemaking skills Handle group tension or anger with ease   Resolve conflicts between group members Resolve challenges to the facilitator Help women move from Competition to Collaboration Lay a foundation for a Win-Win culture in the Red Tent And in the world!

This is a Hands-On Course based on
my work with Jewish & Palestinian women,

and my 30 years of group facilitation Worldwide


As women we are raised to:
Take care of others (mostly men),
Not “make waves”
Avoid conflict
Give up easily Since we are raised to avoid conflicts with men,
we tend to ‘dump’ our frustration on other women. OFTEN, women think of each other as:
“Bitchy” Women tend to hold grudges against other women,
keep score, hold grievances, feel bitter, and hold resentments against each other.

The Truth is – Women are Peacemakers in Nature!

You Only Need Skills & Tools
For Growing & Sustaining Sisterly Relationships:

In Your Life
And in the Red Tents you Hold!

Are you ready to be Inspired?

Having gone through the Red Tent Academy FOUNDATION –
you now have tools and skills for:
Self Care
Honoring your Cycle
Promoting and Hosting But many Red Tent Keepers fill at a loss
as to how to Grow a culture of Peace in the Red Tent…

Red Tents can become

Peace Inside You as Woman,
Peace Among Women,
Peace in the World!

As a Certified Red Tent Keeper you may have held Red Tents (or not yet)

You may have had wonderful circles, and you may have faced Conflicts:
either between women or directed at you… Do you have the tools for:
not running away from conflicts,
facilitating Win-Win outcomes,
making the conflict a foundation for Peace?

I would like to offer you these skills!

The reason I offer this ONLY to Red Tent Academy or Activation Graduates
is that Red Tent graduates
need to have learned about
Self Care, and all Red Tent Logistics,
in order to DEEPEN into this next step.

Are You ready?

Learn Peacemaking Skills that will help you
in your Primary Relationships
Your Family
Your Work
And, of course, in the Red Tent!

If you would you like to have tools to:
MOVE from Competition to Collaboration
BUILD Woman-Based Conflict Resolution Skills
HELP Women in your Red Tent Resolve differences with Ease
then The ADVANCED Red Tent Academy is for You!

Discover a Hidden Treasure:
Your Collaborative Nature as a Woman!

I come from Israel, where I trained and worked as Mediator
bringing together Jewish and Palestinian women, and helping them surpass political and religious differences
by deeply bonding around their shared Cyclical nature. I have been holding Menstrual Empowerment Circles since 1993
long BEFORE the Red Tent Book was written! I trained women in over 30 countries
with original Curriculum, Tools, Road Maps, and Guidance

I’ve seen Red Tents flourish and I’ve seen them decline…

I’d like Your Red Tent to Succeed!

I’ve seen Red Tent Keepers struggle with:
Among women in the Red Tent
These can ALL easily resolve
With simple-to-learn tools and Skills
Which Resonate with our Womb!

I am here to Respond to Your Call:

The ADVANCED Red Tent Academy offers
Empowering Immersion in Peacemaking Skills, which will Serve you
In ALL your Relationships:
In the Red Tent
In Your Primary Relationship
In your Family
At Work
In the World at large!

It is Time!

When we have Red Tents everywhere
where women Get Along, Collaborate, Resolve Differences Effectively & Peacefully
the world would be a SAFE place for Women & Girls!

We can’t wait for the culture to change,
we need to change it, by our ACTIONS!

The most effective Action you can take as a Woman
is to empower Yourself,
and learn to Empower Women & Girls —
The FUTURE of our world depends on it!

What Would You Learn?

Module 1:

Building a culture of Peace:

Win-Lose vs. Win-Win
Taking Queues from our Body
How to cater for Everyone’s Needs in the Red Tent

Module 2:

The Language of Collaboration:

Recognizing your Needs & Feelings
Collaborative Models
Being Heard

Module 3:

Practical Peacemaking Tools:

Holding Differences Without War
The deeper meaning of Anger in groups
The Emotional “Temperature Reading”

Module 4:

Peacemaking Tool Kit:

The Dialogue Guide
Negotiating from the Heart

Module 5:

Group Dynamics:

Discovering Hidden Emotional Roles in Groups
When you are confronted as Leader…
Holding the Larger Picture

Module 6:

Womb Ways:

Leading from the Womb
The Spiral Model
Fight/Flight vs. Nurture, Share, and Care

Complete 6 ADVANCED Level Modules
And 6 Advance Practice Sessions
to Receive:



ADVANCED Red Tent Academy-
VIP Tract 

Open to 5 Women only 

ADVANCED Red Tent Academy
VIP Tract

ADVANCED Red Tent Academy Course

Limited to 5 women Only

Register Now
To Avoid Disappointments

How Does it Work?

You Receive 12 sessions:

6 Teaching Modules
6 Live Zoom Sessions




You will receive Zoom Link 2 hours prior to each meeting,
and Recording will arrive later on each Meeting Day


Academy Graduates

DeAnna provided me with a concrete plan for how to run a Rent Tent properly and effectively, and entrusted me with strong tools, so that I will succeed in meeting women’s specific needs.

Going through the Red Tent Academy Modules, I feel encouraged and able to walk my talk, to communicate in a warm respectful way, and be a model for women, by practicing my own personal Red Tent.

I am much more able to feel, and respect, my own needs around being a woman, and  how to respond to them in different situations.

I was deeply touched being a VIP Member of the Red Tent Academy. Working personally with DeAnna I clearly feel and see a new level of Self Love that came into my life, enriching every part of me.

I am very happy to be a member in this global movement of bringing a Red Tent to every neighbourhood!

Leverkusen, Germany

The Red Tent Academy taught me how to sync my rhythm with the rhythm of the universe. I am now able to chalk-out my plans of action, and better concentrate on what I need, as well as recognize when I need to just BE, without feeling guilty.

It was a pleasure to be initiated into the Red Tent Academy by DeAnna Lam. I loved her cool and calm composure and I thank her for sharing her valuable experience and knowledge of The Red Tent.

Being connected with a wonderful community of women from all over the world brings me a lot of joy: I learned from them and with them.

I feel more confident to offer my Red Tent now, as a part of this Red Tent Global Community.

As a 25 years old woman, I’m very optimistic to see women gathering to create sacred spaces. I’m grateful to be part of this movement, and I hope to follow DeAnna’s path, and to create a lot of beautiful Red Tens with women from all origins!

I would recommend this course to women interested in working with other women – in any capacity – because DeAnna is a wonderful role-model!

The language used in the course is beautiful and inspiring.

Most Sincerely,

The Red Tent Academy helped me understand menstruation is a powerful time and inspired me to pay more attention to my thoughts and feelings when I’m bleeding. It taught me the importance of walking my talk, and I’m learning to do this little by little. Thank you DeAnna. I feel fortunate to have been inspired by you!

I feel more encouraged and inspired. I feel I am part of a movement.

It’s so delightful to be awaken together with other women.

It’s important to feel your heart, your body.

Thank you very much for this opportunity! I’m very happy and satisfied!!!

~ I found trust in myself, in my position as a facilitator, and in how to communicate with others, by the tools DeAnna gave us. Thank you!

I’ve been holding Red Tents for a couple of years now. I signed up for the Red Tent Academy because I came across difficulties, and wanted DeAnna’s experience to help me with them.

The journey taught me how to be really centered in the experience myself, so I can make it relevant, deep, and effective for other women.

It became very clear that the Red Tent space is a way to BE: with ourselves, our sisters, or the women we welcome.

I totally share DeAnna’s vision of Red Tents as places in which to be a Cyclical Being, and her clarity in drawing the picture of the Red Tents Movement, and the types and styles of Red Tents.

I am Happy to be part of this circle where I know I can find support, inspiration, creative solutions, and new perspectives, and to contribuit to the vision of A Red Tent in every Neightbourhood! Let’s do it!” 

“I have no words to say how happy I am about this journey! 
You are incredible! Every session is so deep and beautiful!
I feel blessed and honored to be your student, and to spread this legacy you are teaching us!
Infinite gratitude for all that you do for humanity!” ~ A. Stringhini (Vita Shakti) Mother, Red Tent keeper, Naturopathic physician, Yoga Teacher Cambridgeshire, U.K.

Are you Ready for A New World?

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The time Has Come
For a Culture of Peace
Led by the Red Tent Movement !!!