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Learn How to

Launch, Sustain & Grow Red Tents

A 6-Weeks Online Certification Course

Opens May 4, 2023

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What is Red Tent Academy?

If you Love being in a Red Tent,
Or wish to HOST one:

It’s time to Become an Agent of Change!

Do you feel, like so many women, lost or unsure about

– Anchor a Red Tent Practice  in your Personal Life?
– Offer Red Tents to other women?
– Keep inspiring?
– Promote?
– Grow your list?
– Keep women coming back?
– Deal with money?
– Prevent burn out?
– Sustain a Red Tent for the long run?

I’d like to give you Tools
for Growing Red Tent Practices in your Life
And Run Successful Red Tents for Others!

Are you ready to be Inspired?

I know in my bones that holding Red Tents in every village, town, and city – will CHANGE our WORLD!

Like You, women around the world YEARN to hold Red Tents.

But – Desire isn’t enough…

I’ve seen women all over the world begin with a Bang and then – run Out of Ideas, get Discouraged, or Burn Out…

To Hold A Red Tent – You need TOOLS to:

– LAUNCH a Red Tent
– GROW a Red Tent Community
– SUSTAIN the circle & keep women Returning Every Month!

Women Need A Red Tent Academy!

I have been holding Menstrual Empowerment Circles since 1993 long BEFORE the Red Tent Book was written!
I trained women in over 30 countries with original Curriculum, Tools, Road Maps, and Guidance

I’ve seen Red Tents flourish and I’ve seen them decline…

I saw where the weak points are, and what mistakes can be easily avoided.

I hear women’s longing for Red Tents, and I hear their frustration when they don’t take off…

I am here to Respond to Your Call:

The Comprehensive Online Red Tent Academy is designed for You:
to help you Launch, Grow, and Sustain a Red Tent — for the long run!

Opens May 4, 2023

Red Tent Academy: Click for Waiting List

Is this For Me?

This is for You, if you:
– Never held a Red Tent
Held Red Tents and Gave Up
– Holding a Red Tent & Wish to take it to the Next Level

I will hold your hand, guide you through obstacles,
and Certify you as a RED TENT KEEPER

There’s a seat for you in our Worldwide Women Circle 

Women committed to:
~ Nourishing themselves
~ Supporting other women
~ Making an honorable living

Are you one?

I am waiting for you HERE:

Red Tent Academy: Click for Waiting List

It’s Time
and You Can Do It!

When we have a Red Tent in every neighborhood, town, and city — the world would be a SAFE place for Women & Girls

We need Red Tents to be Accessible to ALL women & Girls, in ALL cultures, ALL year round, and – we need women like You to HOLD them!

We can’t wait for the culture to change, we need to change it, by our ACTIONS!

The most effective Action you can take as a Woman is to empower Yourself, and learn to Empower Women & Girls: the FUTURE of our world depends on it!

Opens My 4, 2023

Red Tent Academy: Click for Waiting List

You can make a Difference!

(Rather than despair about the state of the world)

It is clear that our world will be transformed by women
and if you always wanted to be part of the Change – NOW is Time to Act!

Red Tents are Not going to happen if women don’t hold them!

Are you ready to respond to the call of the world?

To take your place in the leading edge of Change?

There is never a crowd on the Leading Edge:
It is Select Women, like you, that Forge the Path.

You are NEEDED to Hold & Grow RED TENTS in YOUR Area!

Opens May 4, 2023 2022

Red Tent Academy: Click for Waiting List

What Would I Learn?

Module 1:

Red Tent Brazil, 2019

– Red Tent Foundations
– Types of Red Tents
– Walking your Talk
– Anchoring a Red Tent in Your Life
– Self Care – Inner Permission and Practices

Module 2:

New York, 2015


– You Are a Cyclical Being
– Menstruation in Indigenous Cultures
– How to Recognize & Meet Your Needs
– Getting Support in your Life
– Collaborative Communication

Module 3:

Red Tent Chile, 2016

– Offering Red Tents
– Creating Space
– Your Energy Field
– Avoiding Burn-Out
– Serving Women & Girls

Module 4:

red tent community
Red Tent Italy, 2015

– Creating Infra-Structure
– Putting Systems in Place
– Breaking the Fear of Marketing
– Busting the Fear of Charging Money
– Making Your Vision into Your Business

Module 5:

Red Tent Austria, 2014

– Red Tent Activities
– Your Role as Red Tent Keeper 
– Drawing Inspiration from Ancient Cultures
– Breaking Cultural Taboos about Menstruation
– Letting your Cycle Fire You Up!

Module 6:

Red Tent Brail, 2018

– Growing your Red Tent
– How to Encourage Commitment
– Meeting Women’s Needs
– Nurturing Women & Girls
– Making Red Tents an Essence of your Community

Complete this FOUNDATION Level 
to receive: RED TENT KEEPER Certification


VIP Tract 

Open to 5 Women only 

Academy + 2 PERSONAL SESSIONS with DeAnna

Limited to 5 women Only

Register Now
To Avoid Disappointments

Opens May 4, 2023

Red Tent Academy: Click for Waiting List

How Does it Work?

6 Video Teaching Modules (watch in your on time)
6 Live Zoom Sessions 
(receive recording)

~ Video Teaching Modules:
Arrive Weekly via Email – in both Video & Audio Formats
You choose which way you wish to learn!

~ Live Zoom Sessions with DeAnna
Receive support, answers, community (recordings are yours to keep)


VIP Students:

Receive 2 Private Sessions with DeAnna
During Course Weeks


Bonus #1

Designed to help you start a RED TENT in your community,
where you are nurtured, renewed, and replenished monthly,
and where women gather to give and receive –
this manual will help you
open a Red Tent in YOUR community
even if you never held one
Or will take you to the Next Level – if you are experienced in hosting women’s groups!

Value: $57.00

Bonus #2


Designed to help you start a MULTI-AGE RED TENT in your community,
where WOMEN & GIRLS gather to give and receive –
this manual will get you going even if you never held a Red Tent
Or – will take you to the Next Level – if you are experienced in in hosting women’s & girls’ groups!

Value: $57.00

Bonus #3

Summit Videos are No Longer Available to the Public
You will receive PRIVATE ACCESS to ALL Summit Videos
during the Red Tent Academy Course Duration!

How would a strong Red Tent MOMENTUM change the world?

Why is it important Now for women to create change on a grass-root level?

What do women need to start gathering in Red Tents (if anything)?

Luminary, Fierce, Leading-Edge Women provide You with RED TENT Video Inspiration, spoken with Insight, Passion, and Heart!

Value: $127.00

Total Bonus Value: $241

Opens May 4, 2023

Red Tent Academy: Click for Waiting List

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Are you Ready to Leap?




It’s Time
For Red Tents In Every Neighborhood!!!