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When you most need Support
Do you ask for it?

Or do you just keep going?

Most women
don’t have enough support
and don’t know how to ask for it.

This is what’s possible
in the Red Tent!

I’d like to share with you
gifts on the path of the Red Tent

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Thursday, June 16
10am Pacific

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Red Tent Buds
often sprout in our minds…
How to make them Flower?
How to nurture them into Fruits?

This is what the RED TENT ACADEMY is about!

And this is what I will begin to share with you
on the Red Tent Academy FREE WEBINAR

We will be Live on Zoom:
you’ll be able to Type your Questions,
and receive Live answers.

Since your camera will be Off –
you can come on Zoom in your pajamas!

No pressure to dress up,
just relax, watch, ask questions, and be inspired!

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The Time Has Come
For Red Tents In Every Neighborhood!!!