Red Tents for Women and Girls

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RED TENTS for Women and Girls
are our Hope for the Future!

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You know the deep yearning for quietude during your Flow time:
Every ounce of your body and soul calls for rest,
while the culture calls you to keep going, no matter what!

Having a place to go to, monthly, when you flow – will help you:

* Live & Work in Harmony with your Cycle (rather than be at its mercy!)

* Build your Intuition & live by your Inner Guidance

* Welcome Girls to Empowered Womanhood

This will Change your Life Profoundly,
Change the Lives of Today’s Girls,
and Ultimately Change the World!

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RED TENTS for Women and Girls


Designed to help you start a RED TENT in your community,
where you are nurtured, renewed, and replenished monthly,
and where WOMEN & GIRLS gather to give and receive
this Red Tent Host Manual will help you open
a Red Tent for Women & Girls in YOUR community
even if you never held one
Or – if you are experienced in hosting women’s & girls’ groups!


This Host Manual teaches women How To

Hold Red Tents for Women & Girls
in a Collaborative Model
Prevent burn out,
and Receive as much as they give (if not more!)


Red Tent Host Manual

Table of Contents:

– Foreword
– Mentoring: Modeling womanhood to our girls
– The various types of Red Tents
– Host’s role when working with Multi-age groups
– Your own Red Tent
– Creating a Red Tent community
– Outreach & marketing
– Butterflies in the belly
– Preparing the space
– Creating sacred space
– Suggested Red Tent Activities for WOMEN & GIRLS

Suggested Red Tent Activities for Women & Girls:

Inspiring, creative, nourishing, and fun activities for Women & Girls in the Red Tent!

Pages upon pages of detailed activities designed to create a safe, meaningful, empowering and fun environment for women & girls, in a weekly or monthly Red Tent

Activities are designed for Hosts of all levels:

Women who are new to Red Tent hosting, or to working with Girls

As well as those who are experienced and looking for more ideas and inspiration for Multi-Age Red Tents!


~ Ahora en español & Português!

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Benefits for Red Tent Hosts:

Once you purchase the Red Tent for Women & Girls Host Manual

you become A Member of our Red Tents In Every Neighborhood Global Network!

As A Global Network Member

You will be:

Member Badge, 250

– Listed by Name and Location on our Global Network Page

– Your Website & Facebook pages will be listed on our Global Network list

– Your email and Contact Info will be listed on our Global Network list

– Your Red Tents will be posted on our Facebook page

– You will get our MEMBER BADGE to post on your website & Social Media pages

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Are you Ready
For a RED TENT in YOUR Neighborhood?


I encourage you to get started!

The Red Tent Host Manual is here to help you

begin gathering Women & Girls

and shape a New Paradigm…

To make this accessible to ALL women:



In English or Português:

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Red-Tent-Host-Manual-for-Women-and-Girls-SpanishManual en Español:

 Para que este al alcance de todas las mujeres:



$57.00 (USA dollars)


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Host Manual
Inspiring, creative, nourishing, and fun activities that address your body and senses, your need to be seen, acknowledged and heard…
Detailed activities designed to create a safe, meaningful, empowering, and fun environment for women & girls, in a Red Tent

In English or Português:




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In order to have a Red Tent in Every Neighborhood –

We need sisters like YOU to start them!