Soul Readings

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Your Heart is pregnant with Emotions

Your Emotions are Full of Possibilities

I’d like to help you grow in Emotional Intelligence! 

Your Heart is waiting to be asked…

Full of Insights not yet known,
wisdom not yet tapped into,
your heart is an oracle,
yet it can only speak when you ask…

We often seek clarity in our minds or heads:
Weighing, calculating, rationalizing, you know — the way the world is run…

The mind is a familiar, but ineffective way to tap into wisdom.

There is another way, hidden in plain sight
which we often overlook:

The cyclical, intuitive, poetic language of your Heart & Womb 
is a forgotten language waiting to be reclaimed.

Let’s tap together
into the ancient, potent language of your Soul

Let’s bring up from your depth treasures, guidance and insight

For making this
Your most Aligned year Yet!

Your Soul Readings will be scheduled once you book

Get clear vision, guidance and direction


Deepen Self love & Self Acceptance
Enhance Relationships
Discover Life Purpose
Activate Career
Release Menstruation or Menopause symptoms

Make this the Year your Life Transformed! 

What Women Say:

What you receive in a Soul Reading with DeAnna: 

 ~ DISCOVER your highest intentions at the gates of possibility

 ~ REVEAL your true needs, the obstacles in your way, and how to dissolve them

 ~ ACCESS your intuition using divination tools 

 ~ JOURNEY to the depth of your heart, womb, and ancestral wisdom

 ~ GET INSPIRED to map your path for the coming year

 ~ GAIN TOOLS to anchor lasting changes in your life

Your Soul Readings will be scheduled once you book

What you take with you: 

~ CLARITY about what’s important, and what isn’t, as you move forward

 ~ CONFIDENCE about your next steps and direction

 ~ CONNECTION to your inner SOURCE and how to tap into it

 ~ EASE in your skin by fully embracing being You

 ~ ACTION STEPS for your path in the coming year

It’s time to live by your Soul Design

Choose your Soul Reading package

(One, Two, or Three sessions)

What is included:

~ PREPARATION – tuning into you prior to your session and laying the ground for working with you

~ CEREMONY/ SHAMANIC JOURNEY in each session to bring clarity & transformation to your life

~ TAILOR-MADE divination in each session to meet your needs and goals

~ ACTION PLAN to make changes easy to implement 

~ RECORDING of each session — yours to keep


(Discounted when booking more than One)

Single Soul Reading Session –

TWO Soul Reading Sessions –
$394  10% off 

One Payment: $357


3 Payments of $131 each


THREE Soul Reading Sessions
$591  10% off

One Payment: $579


3 Payments of $197 each

Access the Wisdom in your Depth