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How to Talk with Your Girl

If you are a Mon, Step-Mom, Grandma, Aunt,
Or a Woman with a very Special Girl in your life —
This is for you!

  • Remember “The Talk” you received from your Mom, or your school’s nurse?
  • Remember how awkward you felt listening?
  • Wonder how you can do a better job with your girl?

Would you like to feel relaxed, confident, and at ease

when speaking with your girl

about becoming a woman?

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How to Talk with Your Girl

Dear Friend,


Yes, it’s easy to say the word, but really relax? Most Moms are petrified when it comes to talking with their girls about Coming-Of-Age. Are you a little nervous? Or maybe very nervous? When you think of talking with your girl do you find yourself feeling:

  • Scared. Downright have-no-clue what to say that will sound good and wouldn’t scare your girl off.
  • Anxious about having to give her “the Talk”, hoping someone else (a teacher, a nurse, anyone) will do it, so you don’t have to.
  • Alone and embarrassed because you don’t want your girl to know how you feel so you try to hide your nervousness.

Most Moms of girls share these feelings. After teaching hundreds – maybe even thousands – of mothers around the world how to relax and start talking with their girls with ease, I can tell you most Moms are in the same boat as you. Scared, anxious, and feeling alone and embarrassed when they need to give “The Talk” to their girls.

You CAN feel calm and comfortable about
“The Talk”

My name is DeAnna L’am, and my own coming-of-age, probably like yours, lacked in warmth or empowerment.

In 1992 I began a personal journey toward embracing my monthly cycle, which led me to “reverse the curse!” I learned how to access my intuition as a reliable guide, and grown empowered, and in-charge of my life, in a bigger way than I ever experienced before. This was both exciting and enlightening.
Many of my women friends noticed the difference in me, and inquired not only about having similar experiences for themselves, but mostly about how to make them available to their daughters.


Over the past 17 years I’ve developed a series of visualizations that more than any other tool allows Moms to feel at ease about talking with their girls. I’ve also created a simple yet powerful technique that shifts Moms’ mindset from dreading “The Talk” to accessing their ability to talk with their girls easily and comfortably.

Now you have access to this transformational tool
that allows you to always feel comfortable
when speaking with your girl
about becoming a woman!

You can only give from a place of fullness.
Therefore this recording starts by NURTURING YOU:
Mom, Grandma, Step-Mom, Aunt,
Or a Good Friend to the Girl in your life.

Once you are relaxed and grounded,
this audio recording will teach you how to avoid “The Talk,”

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How to Talk with Your Girl

Here is what you’ll experience:

  • A sense of CALM and PEACE within yourself
  • An INNER EASE about the girl YOU once were
  • A DEEPER UNDERSTANDING of what your girl is feeling
  • SELF-TRUST going into any conversation with your girl
  • A growing EASE in your relationship with your girl

Here is what some mothers experienced:

“I loved the meditation!
The imagery stayed with me and I recall its feelings often through my day. It moved me out of “authority” to a fuller expression of motherhood. It helped me access deep compassion for myself and for my daughter, and its nurturance brought tears to my eyes.Listening to your talk about how to speak with my daughter was such a beautiful experience!
Truly, I felt like I was sitting by a fire with a cup of tea and a wonderful, nurturing mentor who was giving me loving guidance on how to do something I have never done before, and never seen done, which is how to guide a young girl into womanhood with a sure and loving hand.
What a relief!

I feel like the field of possibilities has opened up, and allowed breathing space and ease around communicating with my daughter.This recording will enable me to give her guidance and help her make the transition from girl to woman in a natural, joy-filled and empowered way.
Your work is so powerful and so needed at this time. I really thank you for this.”
~ Judy Kitt, mother of an 8 year old girl

Mountain View, CA

“I was inspired and encouraged to trust in my own Guidance and grateful to be reminded of the power inherent in reverent inner work.
I was excited to learn a simple yet powerful communication tool to assist me in nurturing authentic and empathic relationship with my daughter.”

~ Mother of a 9 years old daughter,

Los Angeles, CA

Here’s What You Receive:


A nurturing visualization that will relax, soothe and empower you. Followed by a talk that walks you through the easy shift in consciousness, which will have you talking with your girl comfortably in no time!

If you don’t love this Visualization and Talk, if you don’t feel more relaxed and confident after listening to it, I’ll give you your money back. Period.

How much does it cost?

I was surfing the ‘net tonight and didn’t find anything like this!
I did find products offering meditations, others offering parenting advise, all ranging from the affordable to the ridiculous:
from $29.95 or $147, all the way up to $2,500!!!!I’m pretty much giving away this amazing recording,
because I know how IMPORTANT IT IS FOR WOMEN & GIRLS, I’m offering it to you for a deep discount.

How to Talk with Your Girl:


Ready? Take action!


There is no shipping or handling — just order and your recording will be on it’s way to your email box NOW! Just like that!

I promise, you will be able to relax, and feel at ease about talking with your girl. I know it’s easier said than done, but take a listen and see how much easier it is than you think!

P.S. – Do you already feel (mostly) confident about talking with your girl? This recording is for you, too! Think of it as another tool to help you be as fully present and grounded as you can, so you’ll be sure to engage your girl at a heart level every time.

P.P.S. – If your girl is already in full swing puberty, you really need to get this recording.

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