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Live on:
Thursday March 17

Noon Pacific

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We live in times
when it is more important than ever
to Connect with our Womb!

It’s time
We stop living divorced from our Womb, our Power, our Inner Guidance

Womb Academy:
Because it’s Time!

Were you told as a Girl about the Magic of your Womb?
Or Welcomed into Womanhood when your Womb began Cycling?
Were you offered Empowering Messages from your Family and Culture?
Sadly, most of us Never did…
Yet –
It’s NEVER Too Late to Activate your Womb,
to Reclaim your daring, Fierce, Visionary Inner Maiden,
and to Live Womb-Wise!

Our Womb is a Sacred Space:
It is the Cradle of Creativity, of Renewal, of Life!

This is what WOMB ACADEMY is about!

And this is what I will begin to share with you
on the Womb Academy FREE WEBINAR

We will be Live on Zoom:
you’ll be able to Type your Questions,
and receive Live answers

Since your camera will be Off –
you can join Zoom in your pajamas!

No pressure to dress up,
just relax, watch, ask questions, and be inspired!

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It’s Womb Time!