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Living PMS-Free, in Harmony with your Cycle, every single month

Your Menstrual Cycle as the Seat of your Intuition

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If this is Not how you Live your Cycles –
You are in the Right place!

Like many women, I struggled with PMS and for many years viewed her period as a bother and a nuisance.

Having already been a trained coach and facilitator, I called my first Menstrual Empowerment circle in 1994. The response was overwhelming, and the journey embarked upon – profound.

I help women & girls love themselves unconditionally, deepen self acceptance, self love, and self esteem – at any age, draw spiritual strength from their cycle (rather than be at its mercy) and find the last missing pieces of their womanhood’s jigsaw puzzle.

If you have ever been a girl – This journey is for You!



The Healing I offer You 

picks up where Psychology, Feminism,

and Women’s Spirituality — Stop!

The Tools and Jewels I’ve honed over 3 decades

Help you reverse “the curse”, 

Heal your Inner Maiden,

and Live At Peace with your Cycle


Whether you have agonizing, painful PMS symptoms — or none at all,

whether you’re mildly irritable — or angry and depressed monthly,

whether you have a daughter or not — you will discover practical tools to:

  • Release cultural negativity about menstruation wedged in your body
  • Reclaim your ‘Inner Maiden’ as the last missing piece of your womanhood’s jigsaw puzzle
  • Dissolve PMS symptoms
  • Welcome your daughter into womanhood with comfort and ease
  • Become empowering role model for today’s girls!


Here are the resources available to you as a Woman


RT ACADEMY SQUARE Womb Academy with Class Logo Long Distance Womb Power Sessions, long Red-Tent-Host-Manual---English RED MOON 5 Steps to Menstruation as Spiritual Journey Renew-Yourself-Home-Study-Course long-distance-coaching-with-deannalam womb-appreciation-meditation heal-your-mothers-line Beyond Grief - Release the Spirit of your Departed Mother align with the phases of the moon Red-Tent-Manuals-Discount-Package-w-spanish RED & PURPLE DISCOUNT PACKAGE menopause-riding-the-fires healing-from-hysterectomy Cleanse-Old-Toxins Red-Tent-Host-Manual-Spanish2 Red-Tent-Movie-DVD Healing while I Sleep Feminine & Masculine Red-Tent-Host-Manual-for-Women-and-Girls purplt-tent-ecourse-new A-Womans-Initiation-Home-Study Love-Your-Body-Home-Study-Course red-moon-school-of-empowerment-innermaiden-healing meet-the-phases-of-your-womanhood find your inner calling discover your true gift buy 3 and save long-distance-coaching-with-deannalam Soul Readings - Hear Clarity-book

Inspiring and transformative Tele-Classes offered periodically.

Check regularly for updates!