I help Women Create
Physical & Emotional FREEDOM
in Menstruation, Menopause
and Beyond!

I work with women of ALL ages
Helping you shape
Menstruation OR Menopause
into a Less Stressful,
More Meaningful,
and far more Powerful Experience — than you Imagined Possible!

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Menarche to Menopause and Beyond

The word I hear from women most often
about Menstruation or Menopause, is:


You may feel empowered as a woman
You may have a thriving career
You may feel fulfilled as a mother and Home Maker
You may be combining both
But when Menstruation knocks on the door,
Or when Menopause announces herself –
you are still ALONE…

This is isolating, stressful, and trying.
There IS a better way

Your Life Rhythms can support you

If you suffer from physical symptoms,
either PMS or menopause-related,

If you’re an emotional ‘basket case’
with every period, or on the menopausal road,

An Online TRIBE can resolve this pain

Isn’t it Inspiring?

Your symptoms can be relived, soothed, and dissolved.
You can find comfort, support, and solace.

A warm, inspiring, and educational tribe will meet your needs
no matter in what phase of womanhood you are living.

I am committed to giving you practical tools, and a place to belong to,
so that your life can flourish with the gifts you came here to bring!

What Women Say…

“It’s evident that DeAnna’s intelligent and grounded work comes from years of self-exploration, a deep ritual life, and her lived experience of working with women.

She tells us the truth: that mothers must first do their own precious work, experience their own initiation ceremonies, reclaim their own blood mysteries, and recognize their own sacred feminine, so they can then welcome their daughters into authentic womanhood. DeAnna can midwife us through this process.”

~ Dianne Jenett, Ph.D. Co-Director: Women’s Spirituality Masters Program, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. Palo Alto, CA

“DeAnna work helped me enter into profound intimacy with myself. The mirror now reflects a new image of me: I now love myself.

I’m more empathetic, I have a better overall view of life.

I feel like a gem being polished and reflecting facets.

It is like being born, growing, and flourishing in a new spring – after a cold and dreadful winter.

Infinite thanks for your work!”

~ Montserrat C.B. Midwife. Barcelona, España

“I’m 51 and it’s been 2 years since I bled. During peri-menopause I felt a natural push to be truer to self and honor my patterns.  

I only wish I had listened to the Purple Moon sessions back then and seen what it was all leading to.

De’Anna encapsulates it all in 5 amazing sessions that led me through the Menopause journey – to the inspiring vision of a new world where I can play an important role as a woman of a certain age!?


~ Sarah O’Mahoney , therapist & writer. London, U.K.
Author of Making Pink Lemonade ~

http://goodbeingagirl.tumblr.com & www.hushhealing.com

“I highly recommend The Purple Moon with DeAnna L’am for all women approaching, in the midst of, and beyond – the great transformation of menopause.

I’m 35, and wanted to understand what is ahead and be prepared. This is exactly what I received. The meditative journeys and the guidance I met – made me feel so supported by the universe as I enter my middle years and beyond. My whole female lineage is welcoming me to this change with open arms.

~ Shakti Penelope, Transformative Life Coach and Facilitator of Women’s Circles. Peru & Indiana, USA ~


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Menarche to Menopause and Beyond.

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