31 03, 2017

Croning Ceremonies: Keepers of Primal Mysteries

{Guest Post}
By Melinda Voss ©
The Des Moines Register
In Ancient times, older women were the keepers of primal Mysteries and were revered for their special wisdom.

Clad in purple, surrounded by memorabilia, Linda Sanda stood in her Urbandale, Iowa, dining room and talked about turning 50. About 40 close friends, co-workers and family members came to […]

28 02, 2017

Meaning of Life

The surprising, profound, and insightful question “What is the Meaning of Life?” was sent to me by the Excellence Reporter, a publication that collects answers to this provocative question from folks around the world. It sent me delving into an inner process of discovery.
What is the Meaning of Life for You?
Here is my answer. I’d love […]

31 01, 2017

What made a difference in my Spiritual Practice

Do you have a Spiritual Practice?

I do, and I love it,
but it took a while to get going…

Two things made a difference in my spiritual practice:
First – was the understanding that
a relationship with the Divine needs to be cultivated!

In the same way that your relationship with an old friend,
whom you have not seen for […]

31 12, 2016

Are New Resolutions getting Old?

As an Aries I am a lover of New Beginnings and New Resolutions!
Aries, whose domain is spring, and who symbolizes fresh starts, delights in starting new projects, but isn’t all that thrilled about following up…

The New Year, a New Moon, a New Season, a New Cycle – anything is a great opportunity (and a […]

30 11, 2016

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

People around the world fear the dark. Children are afraid of monsters under the bed, and adults – of monsters in the White House.
But wait, the Womb is a dark place, too, which gives birth to light.

The womb of the Earth provides a dark incubator for seeds in winter, where they gather force and […]

31 10, 2016

Celebrate International Red Tent Day

A group of women was visioning the future on November 8, 2014. It was the last session of a Red Tent Activation workshop in Mexico City, which I traveled from California to teach.

Spirits were high, the room was buzzing with excitement. We were floating on waves of sisterhood, inspired by each other, and by […]

30 09, 2016

At Menopause – the Moon changes Color

Women are Lunar beings.
From our first menstrual blood to the end of our lives — we expand and contract with the moon.
Wait, but what about menopause? Don’t we stop cycling with the moon?
Not really…
We stop bleeding, but we continue to expand and contract, we continue to
be Lunar in essence. We have a deep connection […]

31 07, 2016

The Gift of Menopause

When you get your first period – you know about it! Menopause, on the other hand, you learn about only by looking back…

A woman is ‘officially’ in menopause after not bleeding for one full year. It took me six years to get there… The journey meandered from skipped periods to having one 2 weeks […]

30 06, 2016

Why do you Need your Period Anyway?

Menstrual suppression pills are advertised alongside menstrual features in main stream media. What’s a woman to do?

Those pushing menstrual suppression pills claim menstruation is unnecessary. Their main selling point is amplifying the discomfort and suffering caused by menstruation (which will magically disappear with the pill). Plus, they argue, why have menstruation at all if […]

31 05, 2016

A Menopause Ceremony

For a girl, Menarche is her entrance to the world of Womanhood. For a woman, Menopause is her stepping into her Wisdom Years. None of these monumental Gateways are typically celebrated in current cultures.

While most of us have not been celebrated, nor been given a choice, when we came of age, many of us […]

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