A Red Tent Year

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A Red Tent is a soulful place of meaning. Regardless of the state of the world, we derive true meaning from Within, and from significant others.

What have kept you going in 2020, when everything went into chaos? For me it was a sense of a calling, a mission, to keep weaving global sisterhood among women, to empower girls and women stop living at the mercy of cultural taboos, nor with painful symptoms, but to Reverse the Curse!

To evolve a world view form Within, reclaim the Wisdom of our Womb, ride the waves of our inner rhythm, and use it as a guiding compass, to chart our life course.

The Red Tent has been Home to many around the world

No matter what happens at the home you live in, with the people you share your life with, or in the world at large, the Red Tent can be a Haven where you go to replenish your energy.

Be it a Red Tent you attend as a sister, one you lead, or preferably one of each

the Red Tent is an oasis of relief, renewal, and deep meaning…

At this time of resolutions about breaking old habits or embarking upon new ones, I invite you to adopt a resolution to devote significant time in the coming year to MEANING: doing that which gives meaning to you, as well as offering meaning to others.

And one of the most meaningful paths for both Self and Others is the Red Tent. I hope you have one, or create one, in 2021, which will make all the difference!

Will this be Your Red Tent YEAR?

It’s Time for a Red Tent in your Neighborhood!

The Red Tent Academy is Open for Registration
Click HERE to Check it Out!

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