Are New Resolutions getting Old?

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As an Aries I am a lover of New Beginnings and New Resolutions!
Aries, whose domain is spring, and who symbolizes fresh starts, delights in starting new projects, but isn’t all that thrilled about following up…

The New Year, a New Moon, a New Season, a New Cycle – anything is a great opportunity (and a great excuse) for beginning something new.
As 2017 dawns, we are inundated with invitations to start again, to chart the year ahead with new endeavors, to birth new brain-children.

This is obviously exciting, but as an Aries I am reminded that there are many existing brain-children that still need nourishment. Projects that will benefit from being nurtured into the coming year rather than abandoned for more sparkling ones on the horizon.

Are New Resolutions getting Old?

Are we abandoning the Perennial for the Annual?
Are we getting bored too quickly? Maxed-out too rapidly? Or simply feel “done” pre-maturely?
Are our steady projects being eclipsed by New Resolutions?
How can we stay the long course and bring our brain-children to maturity?

In a culture that worships the young — “new” is equivalent of “good”, while “old” is being looked down upon. An old idea is like an “old hat” which no one wants to wear, and this disregard extends to human beings…

Old used to be equated with Wise.
Young used to be looked at as “green horn.” Anything new needed to be slowly broken-in.
I remember needing to get used to new shoes gradually, as a girl. Though I’m pleased, these days, with the ability to walk out of a shoe store with a new pair of shoes that feel comfortable right away — I miss the process.
I fondly recall the shining new red shoes I got when I was 10: the awe with which I wore them for special occasions, and the feeling of “newness” that stretched for months on end…

How can we extend our appreciation for anything – for the long run? Foster the perennials in our lives together with the new annuals we plant?

I invite you to take some time to ponder what you wish to bring forward from last year — to foster and grow in the new one.

Will you resolve on Continuity as well as on newness?
Will you not abandon parts of yourself just because the calendar changed? Or because everything around you celebrates the new?

Lets retrieve our appreciation of the Old by exploring the treasures it carries: the gifts still hidden in uncompleted projects, the wisdom in older age…

We may want to decide to resolve on the Good, rather then the Old or the New!

Create a Vision Map for the New Year,
Comment below on the Perennials you’ll bring forth…

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  1. Oh I find this beautiful De Anna, to be reminded of. Thank you. It feels more natural and less of a shock break or jump into the ‘new’ to look at it this way. Which actually makes it feel easier for me to release and transition into new territories.
    I will take it with me. My period to start any moment soon.
    Love Machteld

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