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Celebrate menstruation? Absolutely!

Because our menstrual blood is sacred. It is the lining of our wombs, which is designed to nourish new life when we conceive, and is shed when we don’t… (much like a snake shades its skin to renew itself).

And because Sacredness and Celebration are not contradicting terms.
When that which is sacred is not also celebrated, with light-hearted joy, then it is in danger of becoming stifled.

Menstrual Monday was started a few years back by a women called Geneva (I do not know her last name or her whereabouts)

Determined to help spread awareness of menstruation as a sacred journey, I joined this lighter-hearted cause, not as a main dish, but as an appetizer for women who may come to graze, and stay for dinner…


The Monday BEFORE Mother’s Day…because menstruation comes before motherhood…and usually long after it, too.

To create:

* A sense of fun around menstruation

* To encourage women to take charge of their menstrual and reproductive health

* To create greater visibility of menstruation, in film, print, music, and other media

* To enhance honesty about menstruation in our relationships


In your living room,

your dormitory,

classroom or apartment,

at a friend’s house,

at a park or other open area,

the center of campus,


in a restaurant or cafe,

just about anywhere!


* Throw a Menstrual Monday party

* Wear Red

* Eat Red foods

* Share Red roses

* Tell the story of your first menstrual period, or your last

* Create Red art to express your relationship with your menstrual flow

* Organize a costume contest

* Hold a panel discussion on women’s health issues

* Invite women for a messy spaghetti dinner


Mother’s Day falls on different dates in different countries.

Once you figure out when Menstrual Monday is in your country (the Monday BEFORE Mother’s Day) – spread the word and plan your gig.

If Mother’s Day has already been celebrated in your country, please join the USA festivities day: 5/5


To make this an international day, I’ve started a group on Facebook called:

I Bet We Can Rally 1 Million Women To Celebrate Menstrual Monday 2008!
Please help spread the word!

You can join the group by joining facebook.com (it’s free and open to all).

Start making plans now with friends.

What are YOU doing on Menstrual Monday This Year???

© 2011 DeAnna L’am, All Rights Reserved

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