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A friend came back from a trip to Israel & reported noticing a trend among Teen girls: continuing to wear face masks (though no longer required) in order to cover facial “blemishes”.
This is heart breaking!
Let’s explore messages we give our girls (personally and collectively) Thursday at Noon Pacific, Live.
What messages are we giving today’s girls?
How different are they from the messages we received?
What messages did You receive, as a Girl, as a teen, about beauty? About being a woman?

The Red Tent is where we easily grow Self Esteem!

A Red Tent is a place for women of all ages: from 1st menstrual blood, to the end of life. It is a Safe Space, where No Judgment is held and no “fixing is done. It is a place of Acceptance, where each is fully accepted exactly as she is, and hopefully equally accepts herself.
We are each a work-in-progress, and the Red Tent is where we strive and support each other toward embracing ourselves as we are.


This is what the Red Tent Academy was created for.


RED TENT ACADEMY Wait List is Now Open:

Sign up Freely to get Advance Notice

(before registration opens to the public) –


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