In praise of our Womb

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In Hebrew, the words WOMB and COMPASSION come form the same root: R.H.M. while in Aramaic, WOMB and LOVE are the Same Word: Rahimu!

In English, on the other hand, the word WOMB, is traced by Wiktionary as coming “From Middle English wombe, wambe, from Old English womb, wamb (“belly, stomach; bowels; heart; womb; hollow”), from Proto-Germanic wambō (“belly, stomach, abdomen”), from Proto-Indo-European wamp- (“membrane (of bowels), intestines,womb”).”

Find the differences between Compassion or Love, and: Membrane of Bowels/ Intestines/ Belly/ Abdomen. Amazing difference, isn’t it? Women would grow up very differently equating our WOMB with Compassion, or thinking of it as Bowels!

Yet, the truth is that our womb is neither one or the other. It is Both! Our Womb is the Meeting Point of Eastern and Western cultural views, or the meeting of “Bowels” and “Compassion” if you will…

Our Womb is where Spirit and Matter Interface!

This is a Cauldron of Transformation, where human cells (egg, sperm) unite to become more than the sum of their parts. This is where flesh and blood cells elevate matter into the dwelling place of a human soul. Where membranes become a house for Spirit.

This is true across the board: not only for our Womb as a place where we can create Life, but also for our Womb as the Conception space, the Gestation cradle – of ALL our Creations: our Brain Children, our Inspirations, Ideas, Projects and Initiatives.

The Womb works similarly to our Eyes, which take-in Light and transform it into images in our brain. On this continuum of Spirit-Matter, the Womb grows physical membranes which take-in what makes us Human beyond flesh and blood: our Soul and Spirit.

Our Womb is the Incubator
Where Matter and Spirit meet, fuse, and become One

The womb is where Spirit and Matter become Inseparable. Be it Human life, or the fruits of our Imagination, Creativity, Thought Process — the Womb is where Spirit grows on a seedbed of Matter. It is the Nurturing place of a new Creation, the Launching Pad of an epic Journey. And as such, we need to Sing it’s Praises!

It’s Time to Make Our Womb Visible!

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Womb Images, Womb Art, Womb Beauty,
between Now and August 31

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