Love Yourself

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Do you love yourself like a Queen?
How does a queen love herself anyway?

A queen, a monarch, like most women on Earth, is internally plagued with doubts about her worthiness, her achievements, her measurements her looks…

Suffice it to look back at princess Diana and her excruciating struggles with accepting herself — to know that a title, status, external glamour or money don’t seem to do the trick.

Perhaps since it is not a trick that’s needed

Loving yourself  is a softening up to who you are…
Compassion for your struggles,
and a willingness to let go of someone else’s yard stick

It’s a meandering path from the outside in and I’d like to share it with you
with a gift of:

– 3 keys to stop self judgment
– A Foundation Practice to deepen Self Loving
on the
Self Loving Queen Masterclass

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