The surprising, profound, and insightful question “What is the Meaning of Life?” was sent to me by the Excellence Reporter, a publication that collects answers to this provocative question from folks around the world. It sent me delving into an inner process of discovery.

What is the Meaning of Life for You?

Here is my answer. I’d love to read yours!

The meaning of life is Service. When we serve the Whole we fully express who we are and what we came here do do.

In order to find our calling, the true meaning of our existence, the unique gift we were born to offer, that which none else can offer in our stead – we must live a life of inquiry. Through journeys of joy and sorrow, through injuries and triumphs, we need to continually search within ourselves for the essence of distilling our pain into medicine.

Our wounds and our victories are the building blocks from which we concoct our unique healing balm. If we scatter these precious ingredients to the wind, or treat them as singularly unrelated events — we miss the opportunity of discovering the unique pattern that our life creates as it unfolds. Staying bitter as a result of jarring events, or smug as a result of overcoming, robs us of the opportunity of making alchemical magic: extracting a nourishing grain out of its restricting chaff, purifying contaminated water into a refreshing elixir of life, spinning straw into gold.

After living through many twists and turns, we each emerge with our own unique blend of grains, water, and gold, from which our Gift is made. It is in the Service of Offering it to the Whole that we fulfill our purpose, and live the meaningful lives for which we were born.

What is the Meaning of Life for You?

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