Menstrual blood art (2)

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Thanks to those who posted comments as well as the many who wrote to me privately. I always welcome feedback and dialogue, so keep writing!

For all of you women who are inspired to paint with your Moon Blood, one technical point: your paintings need to be sealed once they are completed (regardless of your canvas material). Sealing will prevent cracking or fading, and will preserve your painting. What to use? Let me tell you how I found out…

I entered the local art store and my heart skipped a beat when I asked for a sealant (wondering what I would say if I had to describe what it was for).
– “I want to fully preserve the color of my painting” I said.
– “Are you using oil or water-based paint?” asked the woman behind the counter. I glanced around to see who else may be hearing me, took a deep breath, and semi-whispering I courageously announced: “My menstrual blood…”
The woman was un-fazed.
– “OK” she said.
Not a muscle moved in her face, as if people came in every day looking to seal their menstrual blood paintings (perhaps they do?)
– “Would you like it to have a matt or a glossy look?” she asked, business-like. I sighed and had to stop myself from bursting into a laughter of relief.
– “Matt” I smiled.

Given her total lack of surprise I was hoping for a conversation, half-expecting to hear the story of her journey with blood painting, but she disclosed nothing. If she was shocked, she certainly didn’t show it, neither did she show solidarity. Utterly neutral she escorted me to the cash register where she reminded me to read the instructions on the sealant spray bottle, and to allow the painting to fully dry between applications.

It worked!
A few coats did the job, the color remained as deep as my blood ever was, and the painted drum looks exactly as it did before I sealed it, which is how I wanted it to look.

Vanessa Tiegs is the only other artist I know who creates with her Moon Blood. You can view her powerful paintings at –

I was about to post this when an email arrived from a fellow Moon Blood devotee, responding warmly to the previous post, and adding: “Menstrual blood is also wonderful for a facial. Apply blood as-is, allow to dry, wash off and enjoy soft skin!” This is delightful news! I would certainly try it… and I thought there was nothing new I could learn about the subject…

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  1. You now know one other artist who uses moon juice: I started using a menstrual cup and just couldn’t bear to waste such a unique material, so I did a canvas with every day’s blood one month. I had trouble with getting sealant to not rewet the blood so looked online and found out I was not the first to invent menstrual blood painting. My university is a private, Christian one, so I was surprised when the literary and art magazine chose “November,” and even gave it second place in the art category. Then again, it’s Colorado; nothing should surprise me!

    1. Beautiful art, Alice!
      As for a sealant: I went to the art store and asked for a sealant that will keep the color true. The only choice I was given was between Matt or Glossy. I chose Matt, and it came in a spray bottle, which I sprayed over my drum. I don’t know the brand name, but am sure it’ll be easy to find in any art store. Good luck! Would love to see more of your art as you create more!

      1. Thank you so much for the quick reply! I’m going to my local art store today and I’ll see what they have, I’m really excited to start a Victorian-era themed collage today and I want to make sure I preserve it so it stays as lovely as it looks in the beginning. Thank you so much for your help! :)

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