Menstrual Wisdom from India

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Menstrual Wisdom from India:
“Why we don’t go to the temple, and other practices”

India“What is pure, we don’t touch. And what we don’t touch, we call it a Taboo. She (a menstruating woman) was so pure, that she was worshipped as a Goddess. The reason for not having a woman go into a temple is precisely this. She is a living Goddess at that time. The energy of the God or Goddess which is there in the murthi (idol) will move over to her, and that (the idol) becomes lifeless, while this (the menstruating woman) is life. So that’s why they were prevented from entering the temple. So it is exactly the opposite of what we think”.

This fascinating article brings awareness once more to the roots of Menstrual Wisdom we are intuitively remembering in our blood and bones. Menstruation was revered in indigenous cultures the world over. It was honored as part of the life cycle in every woman’s body, a cycle that holds the key to creation and can bring forth new life.

What used to be Menstrual Wisdom became Taboo…

What was sacred became profane. Yet the customs, which were initially set into place with reverence, are still here to vouch for their true meaning. Women don’t go to temples when they bleed not because they are impure or unclean. On the contrary: they don’t go since they themselves embody the Divine during their Flow.

The customs stayed, so that
we can remember the Menstrual Wisdom behind them…

Click HERE to read full article from MYTHRI in India


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