“My first period” ~ Rosie’s story

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How was your first period? Most women never told the story of their first blood… You are invited to share your stories here, as we create a virtual circle of women, giving voice to that which has been silent for so long…

Rosie Williams has just turned 16, and her first period story is one of the most uplifting story I ever heard. Here it is in her own words:

“My first period was about as exciting an experience as it could have been!
I was always extremely anxious to start it because I felt it would make me more adult and womanly. Months before I started I was very emotional from all the crazy hormones. After a while both my mom and I just knew it needed to happen, that it was time for it to come out of me! That evening we squeezed in a bath tub of ours and just laughed and laughed with each other for many hours.

The next day I went to the bathroom after school and there it was, all over my undies! I was so excited! I ran inside and saw she was helping someone in the shop, so I just patiently stood over on the side, I’m sure with this huge grin on my face, until she came over and asked me what was up, and all I had to do was smile at her. Then I handed her my bloody undies and said “These are for YOU!” We both started giggling, jumping up and down, and hugging each other!!

At first I wasn’t sure what kind of product I wanted to use (tampons, pads, moon cup…..etc) I wanted to experiment with tampons. They hadn’t invented the natural ones with an applicator yet, so I waited until the natural version came out with applicators and used those for a very long time. Around the same time someone told my mom about the Keeper Cup and how they loved it and that it’s so much better for you because it lets you flow and there is nothing blocking or stopping your natural flow. For a while I didnt want to use it because you have to rinse it out everytime you go to the bathroom.

Once I tried it, I loved it, and after consistently using it, I never got anymore cramps!! I think tampons may be one of the main reasons so many woman get intense cramps, but I definitely noticed/notice a huge difference in me.

I am very lucky to have had such a great experience around my period, and have it be something exciting and not have any shame or guilt around it. As I have found out, the majority of women don’t really feel this way about getting their period. I thank my mom grandly for that! Hope more and more people are having wonderful new experiences around their moon and that this is inspiring to mothers and daughters everywhere!”

Rosie’s story stands out because it is so rare.
Hearing it is inspiring, while sharing our own stories is healing. There is a bond that happens when we share our stories (all less than perfect) and hear how deeply they resonate in other women’s experiences around the world. This is an invitation to share and heal…

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