OK to be me

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“You laugh too hard. A lady shouldn’t be so loud” this was my mother telling me it wasn’t OK to be me.

Interestingly enough, though I bought everything else she said about “ideal” looks and weight, I didn’t buy her attempt to stop my hearty laughter. I enjoyed it too much! It was freeing and fun and funny and I couldn’t bring myself to stop.

When I think of it now I’m surprised at my courage to not follow her rule at a rather young age.

Do you feel it’s absolutely OK to be you? With all your extremes, on either end of the spectrum? Or were you taught to be embarrassed, ashamed of some ways of being You? Were you coerced to hide some of who you are?

We have an innate spark that doesn’t allow itself to be fully extinguished

It may get dim, or hide but it doesn’t ever disappear.

When we are ready to rekindle it it’s as close as a whisper to our lips. It may only seem lost yet it is in the search for it that we re-ignite it.

I’d like to whisper with you, to breathe life back into that dormant spark within you.

This is my gift to you: the Self Loving Queen Masterclass:

– 3 keys to stop self judgment
– A Foundation Practice to deepen Self Loving

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